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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Hey Guys !

Day before Yesterday, I was watching News at CNN-IBN around 10:00 PM or so, they was a debate going on why we all not been able to spread the news that people MUST vote for bring TAJ in 7 Wonders of the World list.

To my surprise only 2% of the Indian Population knows about something like this being done :(.

I immediately voted 'TAJ' by sending sms to 4567.

DEAR FRIENDS, Let's join hands again and pass on this information to maximum people around.

There are two ways to VOTE:
1) Online Voting be visiting New7wonders site
2) Through sms send TAJ to 4567

We are not realizing, millions of people earn their bread and butter only from TAJ MAHAL. I'm really disappointed the way our Government is promoting this, time is running out, results will be out on 7th July.

Let's wrack our brains and spread this message to all. Ideas are more the welcome


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Vacation...

What could be a better way to plan your summer vacation then this :)

Just got the news feed yesterday, Courtesy Spicejet we all can plan our economical vacation at best.


Here is the jist, if someone is unable to open that link

"SpiceJet, the fastest growing and the most efficient low – fares airline is celebrating its two years of successful journey in the Indian aviation industry. And to celebrate it, They are offering 2, 00,000 seats at a special price of 99 paisa each, for two or more guests traveling together on all its 14 destinations for travel between 15th June 2007 to 30th September 2007. The offer will only be available on the Spicejet Site."

Inspired by your response so far, will keep on sharing some useful/ informative & most importantly information for all my blog friends :), hope few or may be all can benefit with the same.

Lucky ones , please do come back and share.

Enjoy, who knows we might be in the same flight......................

P.S: My original Post

Just got the news on my feed. Sharing it with you all.
I havent check the details yet.
Will do it tomorrow and update more on this as i have to leave for somewhere now..
Take care and Good night..
Check the below link..


Check more on their site.


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Monday, May 21, 2007


Im taking this tag which was forwarded to me by Vikas. Thanks a lot dear,here it goes...

Since I’m a normal person my answers will be as simple as it can be.

1. Things i want to do in lifetime :
See my kids growing around me

2.Things i can do :

3.7 Things i can't do :

4. Things that attract me to other person :

5. My secrets :
I’m an open book for my loved ones – so no secrets & others don’t exist for me.

6. People i care :
My loved ones
My Friends
Old People

7. People i want to take up this tag :
Anyone who wants to take it. No pressure from my side.

Vikas, I kept my promise .


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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sky Wars-Great Marketing!!!

They Started.They Followed.
This was the Outcome.

Land Creativity and Air War at its BEST, What Say guys....................... :)

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Secrets of Better Deal with Airlines...

I have some useful information to share with you all, I have a friend who happens to be working with SpiceJet airlines. He had something very interesting facts to reveal. If we go by the books, there is a myth till date that travel agents can get you better fares then going direct to the airlines. Wrong !

Here are some Hard but really soft to our pocket facts:

1) Anytime you buy the ticket from the Internet, let’s say from www.SpiceJet.com at any given point of time you will get Rs. 50/- less. Sound weird but its true.

2) If you guys can manage to fly on Tuesday / Wednesday & Thursdays, you will get much better rates then rest of the days.

3) Travel agents or travel portals give their phone numbers and email ids, while doing booking for you. In case of flight delay or cancellations the information parted by airlines via phone numbers on ticket itinerary, will not come to you. You may face a no-show.

4) You will be the first one to know the new offers / discounts / promotions / deals with the airlines even before they go to the print media, only when your own email id or phone number is there with airline for your previous travel. As shared by my friend they send the mailers to all the registered users (at least 24 hours in advance) as loyalty program for their frequent fliers.

5) There are travel portals charging high cancellation fee than airlines.

6) The promotional fares promoted by airlines are not allowed through travel portals.

7) Travel portals at times charge full fare for infants.

Note: All of you pls spread these findings for betterment of Indian fliers.

Currently Spice Jet is offering Ticket Rs. 99/- till May -07


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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jo Hukum Mere Aaka...

Very interesting. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Connect to this link. u will c a person sitting in front of the computer.

Type the words like "LAUGH" in the dispatch.....the person will do that action

Like that u type "CRY, DANCE, RUN, THROW, BREAK
, STAND, WHAT, VOMIT, EAT, DRINK... etc.. whatever u like. But it should be a single word.

Just got this link through a mail..and its intresting..

Watch and Enjoy....

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