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Monday, February 26, 2007

Web Hosting...

As the days are progessing so does technologies. Everyday we came to know about something new. Im not from the IT background,and for me it seems to be quite interesting. Recently, i got a call from one Web Hosting Company which offer me to host a website on thier server.

My site is already hosted by some other company but i never thought that this catogory can also be so compititive. Frankly saying i never thought about this way. But that call make me think about certain issues like, spamming, web space, control panel, mail spaces and many other thing that you get along with all these.And many things i just heard about first time.

It seems like, how unaware i was about the things going at technology front. I ask for their website to go through the details and now the whole issue is handled by the IT department of the Company.

Just wanna share with you the LINK of that site, may be somebody might get something interesting.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Have A Ride...

Yesterday,at lunch time of our office. Two of my colleagues were discussing about coming together from home to office as they stay near by and one of them is used to come by bus. So they just thought of sharing a car and petrol price as it wil be beneficial to both.

After listening thier conversation, i just gave a thought for it and think what other benefits we can have from such carpooling.

- Environment friendly; helps in reducing pollution.

- Traffic, another major problem of incresing number of cars, will get reduced.

- Save Money; will reduce our burden of over rising petrol rates.

- Social Interaction; will help in develpoing the same.

- Reduce Stress; as one of our major problem of travelling in those conjested buses will get solved.

Its all what a little bit I came to think about it.

What you think about the carpooling? Do you feel carpooling can really help in solving such problems? Are there any disadvantages also?

Plz do share your thoughts with me.


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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Conflict is the part of our day to day life, either it is personal or professional. It is always seen on the negative side but managing it in an effective way can sometimes yeilds very good result but it requires a systematic procceding.

Stress is one of the consequences of conflict, so for eliminating stress, we should learn to manage conflict and resolve it in an effective mannar.

As, I have to deal with conflicts on the regular basis on the profffesional front. I have found one very gud article about it...

Just read it from here...which im sure will provide you more insight and enable you to tackle with it effectively......

Stay Happy and Healthy....
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