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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Conflict is the part of our day to day life, either it is personal or professional. It is always seen on the negative side but managing it in an effective way can sometimes yeilds very good result but it requires a systematic procceding.

Stress is one of the consequences of conflict, so for eliminating stress, we should learn to manage conflict and resolve it in an effective mannar.

As, I have to deal with conflicts on the regular basis on the profffesional front. I have found one very gud article about it...

Just read it from here...which im sure will provide you more insight and enable you to tackle with it effectively......

Stay Happy and Healthy....
posted by Shruti at 3:00 AM


Aah, so you are blogging again?
Hope you stick to the rythm and keep blogging.


5:56 AM  

Welcome Back Shruti!.

6:13 AM  

hey good article..guess if we figure a way to handle stress life will be a lot more manageable

3:04 AM  

great info shruti...
will wait for more such articles..

10:41 PM  

You have put it correctly. Nice post:)

1:24 AM  

Good blog, We all need stress busters time to time. hope we don't get stressed out taking out stress.! :-)

3:41 AM  

Nice post.

Thanks for visiting my blog Shruti and for the kind commments.

4:42 AM  

Cute photo!

7:31 PM  

Very nice picture.Thank you so much for your great blog.

3:24 AM  

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