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Monday, October 16, 2006

Will my smile last forever?

Hey friends, As I had mentioned in my last post that SpiceJet has launched new Sector Delhi to Varanasi and that’s only for Rs. 799/- .Now I can visit my home town more often and much faster without much hassles of getting train tickets etc.

I am very grateful to them.

But now the million dollar question is: Are these things gonna stay for Good or it’s just a temporary phase. If I am not wrong few other airlines also started their flights to small cities which later withdraw since they were not making enough profits? What u says guys?

Anyways, I'm going to make the best use of this till the time the tails stops wagging…

posted by Shruti at 5:25 AM


Have Fun while it lasts!

It happened with Mangalore-Bangalore service too.. Started with a Bang, now its flop...Anyways, Hope SpiceJet doesn't withdraw the service,Atleast for you :)

6:42 AM  

Hello bird,

have a nice time !!!

9:15 AM  

enjoy the moment ,don't pay taxes thinking on what will happen next.

11:20 AM  

hi..Hope u had a good time at home..and also hope that that flight continues...and u get to go home every now and then..
PS..thanx for vising my blog..will look forward to more comments..cheers!!!

10:08 PM  

thanks for the visit and those encouraging words

10:51 PM  

Just spread ur wings and fly as many times you can before they withdraw it!

2:42 AM  

Have the ice-cream before it melts :-)

3:16 AM  

Hey birdie........
Just confirm few things....if u are still confused...
is this fare includes taxes...
is this going to be for all time or for 1-2 months advanced bookings.....
and last bit not the least "Are they gonna provide the seats, or you also have to travel like in local train if you are a waiting ticket holder ;-)"

4:20 AM  

Hello dear...

well about flights, i can say that i have been a victim of "first-joy resulting complaints" haha... but i really hope the Spice jet continues its service in your place...

Dont worry too much about what's gonna happen next... enjoy your trips till then.

5:41 AM  

ur a bird!! so why the need for spice jets???

6:48 AM  

That's it.... Enjoy what is at hands... :)

8:10 AM  

happy flying :)

8:18 AM  

Hye angel as u said ur a bird never think of landing before take off.......

Dont worry this is just start.
This is for you

One day when I grow older,
Wings, I wish to sprout,
So I can jump into the sky,
Fly round and all about.

Someday, when I am wiser,
I'll > look up in the sky,
Spread my wings and glide,
Through clouds of cotton and sigh.

One day, when I
> become a hawk,
Or an eagle, tall and proud,
The day when I'm a lovely Macaw,
In a beautiful and > colorful shroud.

I'll be free with all the other birds,
A flyer,
Oh so true I'll be one... With the sky,
The > sky above that's blue.

10:45 AM  

Hi there,

I have no idea who you are, but your message that you left on my blog today actually made me feel so happy :) To think - that a stranger (hope not for too long) can have that kind of an effect on you..!

Please let me know more about yourself and how you came across my site?!

I enjoy reading your blog, and will most definitely be back for another visit soon...


1:32 PM  

lol , dear this rate is a special rate for special rate ... My home town in Allahabad and there is no flight from Mumbai . Lucky you

7:31 AM  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:56 AM  

good yaar...
Belgaum-mumbai is Rs1700...
but deccan air...
No garantee of reachin ur destination. coz they r propeller driven hehe...

11:58 AM  


followed your comment in my blog and saw this post..

I studied in IT-BHU !!! varanasi is my home away from home. it has been eight years since I got married and got my wife to the USA. every time we go back to India on vacation , i promise to show her Varanasi and disappoint her because there is no easy way to travel in and out..let me see if we make it next time..


9:06 PM  

nt much experience on flying......bt if its cheep and if its fast and luxurious.........then fly as high as u can

11:28 PM  

i dunno, but it seems only travellers flock to my blog..but im not complaining...keep flowing in..u seems to be too worried abt gng back home on regular basis...home-sickness?? :P

2:41 AM  

Let's hope it lasts...for your sake! :-)

And Cheers...hope to see you around my blog more often!


5:20 AM  

Hey there :)

thanks for the comment on my blog.

Happy flying :)

5:51 AM  

wings of fire... wrote our president.. well, its again all in the mind.. ya commercially viable n all but then wen the home bekons.. the pieces fall in place:)

6:10 AM  

I just hope that we can all fly around some day ourselves - I'm a plane and airport junkie. BooBoo's doing much better, thanks for your comment.

6:19 AM  

Have fun and think about the airlines after your Diwali vacations.:-)

11:28 AM  

Hi infact I keep travelling international flights all over the world from Dubai. Also my home town is 20 kms from Allahabad although my parents are settled and based in Mumbai. Recently when in India I travelled from Ahmedabad to Mumbai via Spice Jet. The service was impressive and beyond the expectations and also beyond the International standards.
Although as of now to reach my village I have to travel via Lucknow instead of Allahabad but I am sure the service is going to improve because of the increasing wealth among the midlle class who are going to contribute to the major growth of the market in this sector. I believe the thgs will get better and more better as the time goes by. Today i am able to hire an AC(although few logistic difficulties do exist) car from airport to my village near Pratapgarh which was a dream few years ago.

11:44 AM  

How long is the flight ? Deccan doesn't offer a lower fare?

7:39 PM  

yeah, enjoy while it last and hope that when one airline stops, other new one start on the same route:-)

6:36 AM  

here's to one of my fav. bloggers..Wish u a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali..Take Care..Regards..Sam

3:18 AM  

happy dipavali

9:55 AM  

Hey. Saw your comment. Thanks. Wish you the same.

11:13 PM  

yeah... make the best use of the offer till it lasts... these airlines take some time before they withdraw such services if they r nt doing well... so till den go to varanasi as often as possible...And who knows it might b a hit and they will reap profits and never stop the service... cheers!!! Happy Blogging!!

7:05 AM  

Njoy the most !!!

10:16 PM  

hey thx for stopping by...if you love travelling nothin like these airlines comin up..all d best wid tht..and yeah happpy diwali..me blog's is in hibernation..will post soon..caught up wid work..sigh! take care.

11:43 PM  

Jab talak hai, chill marne ka.. jab khatam, shatabdi maarne ka! :-)

3:19 AM  

HI, thanks for dropping by! just make the most of the good time and there'll always be some new wannabe airline offering a great deal!...

4:53 AM  

Not too sure. But all the best, cheers!

5:59 AM  

Enjoy the present without worrying about the future. :)

7:16 AM  

Enjoy the present without worrying about the future. :)

7:18 AM  

Thanks for visiting my blog...and I wish u good luck for the new available inexpensive covenience.

9:47 AM  

go ahead and find out if its worth it, and if it is, enjoy as long as it lasts, and if it doesn't...enjoy again [:P]

11:01 AM  

hope this lasts forever :) thanks for stopping by my blog!

2:09 PM  

I hope your luck never leaves you stranded.
Enjoy the best of what you have got.

Keep Rocking!

9:13 AM  

hi shruti,
hope ur smile last forever..
do take full advantage of it...

11:26 PM  

Hi, njoy the present, thinking abt future might spoil the fun of ur moment.

12:10 AM  

You know, in my experience deals that are too good to be true, won't last long :( Well, make hay while sun shines :)

1:47 AM  

Hello Shruti

thanks for dropping by

6:57 AM  

I think a cost of 799/- is impossibel because about Rs 750/- are guzzled by goverment. It oughta be 1549/- types!

And I am sure it gonna last because of tourists rugh to the Holy City!

12:19 AM  

somehow smiles seem to depend more on us and less on others... isnt it strange ;)
thanks for dropping by, although i do thought ke aap kahan se aaye thhe?
take care

12:31 AM  

“No” Sorry to say that but I think this is some introductory offer… but don’t worry you will get some other options also…

BTW u r a bird right??? y d u need a flight???

hahaha just kidding...

2:23 AM  

I think its going to stay around. Its time things had a definte turn in hamar bharat!


2:51 AM  

Hey thanks for visiting my blog and commenting..that's real nice of you :-)

Well as all of us know, airfares in India have been plunging in the past few years, and they've hit rock bottom. Tickets are available at outrageously low prices.

According to market reports, however,the party's not gonna last forever. Airlines are losing money heavily, and unless they increase fares, they'll soon be bankrupt. Therefore,fares will go up, but only after consolidation in the industry..

Till then, enjoy yourself and fly as much as you can!:-)

4:18 AM  

har har gange!
been to kashi a couple of times and i absolutely love the place. am jealous that u actually belong there...!

5:12 AM  

i was busy..no doubt without any work.....but there is update infact....my another link......


btw belated happy diwali.....

6:12 AM  

It will last. thats the only way they can beat the premium airlines. open more sectors, and keep the fares low.

6:40 AM  

Hi Malik, busy blog
love the question/title of your post
"will my smile last forever?"

6:40 AM  

i guess there will be more advances as technology advances... so i guess more such flights will start to operate.. agian it depends on the demand by the population...:) happy belated Diwlai to u too gal:)

8:14 AM  

hey shruti ! ya , u k I came from banglore to hyd by go airlines in 1600 , when it was started . but now they hv stopped flights betwn blore and hyd. initially , it is good, but later on they find hard to maintain costs.
anyways , u enjoy every opportunity u get ..
hey meanwhile, nice 2 know ur from varanasi. i spent 1 yr in BHU there, and not to mention , the memories of Assi Ghat, the tea stall outside the BHU campus , pehalwan jee ki lassi still lingers in my heart. truly, a gr8 place!

12:10 AM  

This type of intresting news show that we r growing,but this type of trip could be sucessful,if the particular airlines company giving good facilities to the small city person compare to the big city person.r u getting what i mean to say.then this type of creativity would be famous for particular airlines company.i hope u got my point

1:06 AM  

yaayy! have fun! n hey, thank you for stopping by!

10:12 PM  

utilize it till it lasts

12:32 AM  

wow!that's great news
i have been waiting for a similar price for mangalore-bangalore so i could visit my loved ones.

2:04 AM  

oh!the anonymous above is me.
oopsies :))

2:05 AM  

Lol...count your blessings! And ours is not to reason why. God bless Deccan, Spice and its ilk..I went to Port Blair for 2,500 and till about 3 yrs ago the fare was abt 18,000...wooo, stuff in as much travelling as you can when the going is good is my motto. Have fun cheers!

12:39 AM  

didn't know birds also wagged there tails when happy.
keep doing trips to hometown, n the airlines will be generating enough profits to keep running, after all that is the whole idea of reduced fairs

2:25 AM  

my favourite is air deccan :)

5:41 AM  

Don't fret Shruti. Make good use of it while it stays! :D

5:27 AM  

I guess the new serive wud really help you out to make the most out of it. Just hope that they don't pull off the service too early for the so called '
profit' based issues.

6:06 AM  

good luck travelling!!!!!!!!

8:23 AM  

thi will last, cause passengers exist...at lst as long as flights only shake n do not crash

12:10 AM  

the bird hasnt written since long...

11:22 AM  

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments. See ya around

6:53 PM  

more of a reader than a writer, eh?

1:54 AM  

they wont discontinue their service if u fly frequently :)

3:08 AM  

yup .. thats the way to go about it ... enjoy while it lasts ... :)

7:14 AM  

hey congrats!!!! i really donno n never heard abt planes and the strategies of withdrawing coz of less profits...
anyways..... keep flying.. ;-)

9:34 AM  

heyya Shruti!

Thats great news. A reason to smile indeed. Now dun worry abt what may happen in the future. Make the best use of the present opportunities and enjoy going home!

And keep ur smile always :)

5:23 PM  

I think this might be just the initial attraction or something.....but hey u can always take the advantage of it...hai na ??



11:10 PM  

Time for a new post?


3:02 AM  

i am planning a trip to varanasi next week. Any tips...?

3:41 AM  

Hey Shruti, wassup?

1:02 PM  

No posts. Been along time.

10:44 PM  

hi visiting your blog for the first time....you have put up a valid question, so you can keep your fingers crossed that their whims and fancies doesn't ruin your dreams

9:40 PM  

have fun

3:25 PM  

i m putting u in the monthly bookmark section :)

9:34 AM  

is it supposed to be some kind of a ad for spicejet...

can you give me there contact address... maybe i will also start running ads for them!!!

(P.S.- the sarcasm was intended.....)

6:19 AM  

Jab tak hai tab to aish karo.. why worry abt it :)

3:18 AM  

is it 799/- inclusive of taxes?
if so it is almost AC fare

3:29 AM  

hehe. hope u get to travel dat fast n cheap al d time :)

12:36 AM  

Temporary i Guess

12:42 PM  

Hello Shruti....
What's up?
No activity since many days???

12:24 PM  

mine is the 92nd comment!!! :s :|

1:13 AM  

Still no activity??? :(.

-Sunil Parmar.info

10:03 PM  

Update please!

10:16 AM  

yeh it will last for long and u might be surprised to know that the cost will fall further but the onli problem that u would face will be of Taxes which is increasing day by day,.,..

Enjoy and have fun....

6:26 AM  

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