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Thursday, October 12, 2006

My way to home…

Wishes do come true and mine too got listened…
Now when I will talk of going home, I will not get jitters of how I will reach there but definitely of crowded bazaars, temples and of my sweet home whose open doors always welcoming me….

Yesterday, I heard a news that few days back SpiceJet, low cost, no frills airlines have launched its first low cost service to my home town i.e. to Varanasi….

I am so excited. This time I will reach my home comfortably and will enjoy my diwali, burn crackers and will have lots of fun.
10 full days I will enjoy all the dishes that my great mom used to prepare especially for me…

Thanks to SpiceJet a lot for making my home near to me. Now I don’t have to think twice while going to home.

Just remembering this song from Refugee…
Panchiya, nadiya pawan ke choke, koi sarhad na inke roke…

posted by Shruti at 12:40 AM


that is so much more comforting isnt it then 2 day trek by train .. specially when u have a short leave

4:55 AM  

What a blessing, enjoy a happy Diwali.

7:44 AM  

Happy Diwali to you and your family. I am glad that spicejet will be able to get you home fast.take care.

7:54 AM  

Wow... congrats for the "easy trip".
Enjoy your holidays and wish you a very happy diwali... burn a lot of crackers n have a blast!!!

8:40 AM  

good to hear that! and congrats! this must be a dream come true for u :)

10:47 AM  

Happy Diwali

2:29 AM  

Store all those precious moments and they will become sweet memories. Happy Diwali!!!

3:15 AM  

hmm.. really u excitement is visible :) enjoy!

3:18 AM  

do u know what is the most striking feature of your blog..
Its name: "I am a bird"
It really makes me to think for some time.

Thanks for stopping bye.

4:01 AM  

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4:06 AM  

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4:06 AM  

And i am unable to go my home :-(
i am sad....this is second consecutive time.....away from home on diwali....
u enjoy ur stay......
i had been to varanase once ..
that Ganga arti is too good
and i was there in Varanasi when i was only 1 year old ;-).

4:07 AM  

Aahh, Diwali hols... Me too waitin to go home....

Have fun!

5:32 AM  

wishing u a spicy.. err.. happy diwali.

5:43 AM  

hey..nice blog here...saw ur comment on my blog...thanx!
in case u r interested, i still blog...@ http://apublicdiary.blogspot.com

5:58 AM  

Cool. Happy flying.

6:04 AM  

Thanks for visiting my blog!
I am happy for you about Spicejet!
Nothing like going home!


7:51 AM  

Gr8 2 note that! Enjoy ur diwali with the loved ones! Advance diwali wishes.
Thanks for visiting my blog & hope 2 c u more often!

8:03 AM  

Thanks for visiting my blog, Shruti! How wonderful that your wish came true! Enjoy Diwali with your family!!

8:18 AM  

enjoy your trip & Happy Diwali:-)

8:29 AM  

wingz of faith.. happiness... sum intangible aspectz of life.. little nothingz n u call them 'low cost'!!:) the airline that flies u off to the festival of lights mite not charge over the roof... but then its just 'beyond wordz.. beyond wordz' to access its worth naa?
haha.. just came to my mind, so scribbled in... simple feelingz... have a great diwali n hope u get the basket of happiness we all pray for... happy flying:)

moi won fly back.. wud just miss those subtle moments but then the mindscape is boundless:)

8:35 AM  

Happy Diwali..i wish i cud go home for Diwali..but well!! will have a great time..and enjoy the lovely food..nothing like a mother's cooking!!

1:53 PM  

Hi Shruti,
thanks for your nice visit.
Your blog is interesting and I love your writing style.
Home sweet home - I know!

Have a wondrful weekend!

5:03 PM  

hey..thanks for dropping by...wish u a very happy diwali...i wish i was in chennai...celebrating diwali:((

6:24 PM  

looks as if God heard your prayers.Happy Diwali.

10:08 PM  

hi shruti,
thats great..
its a dream come true...atlast spicejet came for your rescue...

happy diwali...

10:29 PM  

Hi Sruthi
Divali greetings in advance.
Thanks for the visit and for the comments.
Keep visiting.I will do the same.

2:25 AM  

hav a good time at home. nice post abt the status of women

5:33 AM  

Don't burn crackers. Crackers screw up my lungs until I cough, cough, cough and rack, rack, rack and I hate it with all the smoke and stuff.

I hate Diwali. It's no fun for me. What I really look forward to, though, is Holi, when all my friends get together for a neighborhood water-war.

7:41 AM  

yeah!! Home is any day "Sweet home"...

9:34 AM  

Now you'll have comfortable journeys back home!!!

Very impressive way of writing.. Liked that.!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog..
right now i've my exams but i'would love 2 read your previous posts also....

Happy Diwali!!!

1:43 AM  

Was just reading your previous post cribbing about only Indian Airlines flying to Varanasi, and now this ?
Prayed extra hard at temple this time ?

10:41 AM  

yeah .... may ur deepavali be a grand one !

doesnt deccan have any flights to varanasi ?

11:48 AM  

I have a sneaky suspicion that someone from Spicejet read up your blog and said "WTF! Why are we not in this sector already?" Viola!!


Enjoy the ride... oops, flight!

1:41 PM  

:))) Happy Diwali. Have a blast, literally. ;)

4:09 PM  

hi shruti

enjoy a very happy diwali at home:)

I am sure it will "spicy" too:))

10:43 PM  

your postings are intresting.i heard that 'Varanasi'is temple city is it true...

11:18 PM  

congratulations dear........

wish, i could also go home..may be next time..
have a great time dear...
happy diwali to you and ur family..


1:41 AM  


2:00 AM  

This type of intresting news show that we r growing,but this type of trip cuould be sucessful,if the particular airlines company giving good facelities to the small city person compare to the big city person.r u getting what i mean to say.then this type of creativity would be famous for particular airlines company.i hope all of u got my point

8:09 AM  

u will miss the train rides after sometime :)

5:44 AM  

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