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Friday, April 20, 2007

Invaluable Thoughts

Thanks for the overwhelming response & affection I got so far, My friend is serious about this & have met his neighbors over dinner (which he organized at his place) to discuss the modalities further. Hope, he makes is good this time. But what ever little I have known him, he is surely gonna make it, this time.

I have conveyed him the thoughts shared by you all. He was quite touched with the idea of spending Quality Time with them. He is now thinking of organizing a Lunch get together with them. The old age home he is starting to begin with has 60 people approx.

Being himself from the Service Industry, he is very much confident of making this a great success, with few games, activities and simple lunch.

His fellow colleagues are in full support with him in all aspects. His food vendor has agreed to help him with Lunch on cost basis. Rest of the activities they will work out themselves.

Further, he has asked me to convey to all, that don’t feel that you guys have not contributed, U ALL SURELY HAVE, direction is equally important to achieve an aim. Otherwise, results are best known to all of us in most of the cases.


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Friday, April 13, 2007


I went for a Party last weekend at my friend’s place, we all sat and chatted till past mid night sharing jokes, lighter moments & pulling each others.

Somewhere, out of the Blue, Arun who was high emotionally and alcoholically started the topic of Charity. I’m sharing you the jist of our 4 hrs discussions what we had:

After lot of brain storming we decided to help only Old age people, since consensus was with that.

So many options came out during the discussions. But to Arun, the logical and more practical one was helping them with clothes.

Hunt of thoughts begin, Finally decided to request known and acquaintances staying around to give their clothes which are not worn out & in absolute good condition but they are not using or plan to discard soon.

Next Step, Arun’s Mother is part of the “Lioness Club” who already are doing lot of social work specially for kids and old age people, she will take the stuff to the old age home and have us help them distribute the clothes.

But there were few in the groups who were from different school of thoughts, they say this won’t work, and this would be a one time affair if at all we put this in practice since we have our own lives and won’t be able to do on a regular basis. Rather, we should have a tie up with a NGO to make this a success.

Though, he is little confused or apprehensive but surely confident to start this without taking help of any organization, since he is not looking for any financial gains or recognisation.

Here is the final Ground Rules he made to make this work

How does this sound to you guys? All I want real suggestions to help Arun make this more effective.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Biggest Weakness / Biggest Strength

How many of us has ever thought or heard that someone’s biggest weakness is its BIGGEST strength now. Yes, this is true when we talk about CHINA.

About a decade back, even before that they were struggling to handle the population problem which has created havoc for them.

But today, I don’t have to say much we all know what they are and where they are heading.

The day is not far off when they will be calling the shots around the GLOBE.

Why, a person like me is talking about this, yesterday I was sitting with my friend who happens to be in Administration for a software company. He needed to buy pedestals fans . He went around in Bhagirath Palace (old Delhi) to get a better deal.

Since then he is feeling very low, to his surprise all the big brands are importing everything from China and selling it here by just putting their stickers on that.

This is not the end, irony begins if u pickup the same model, everything same made by the Indian company its expensive by 35 – 40%.

Want to write more and more about this but we all know by now that China has such deep penetration in our country that every second thing we buy surely be from China.

As we all know, Indians have the best brains in the world, its not me who says that the entire world knows and confirms that.

Even we have the manpower to back our strength, so what is stopping us…………….

He is still very upset and disheartened but he bought China made fans since he wanted to save company’s money.

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