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Friday, April 06, 2007

Biggest Weakness / Biggest Strength

How many of us has ever thought or heard that someone’s biggest weakness is its BIGGEST strength now. Yes, this is true when we talk about CHINA.

About a decade back, even before that they were struggling to handle the population problem which has created havoc for them.

But today, I don’t have to say much we all know what they are and where they are heading.

The day is not far off when they will be calling the shots around the GLOBE.

Why, a person like me is talking about this, yesterday I was sitting with my friend who happens to be in Administration for a software company. He needed to buy pedestals fans . He went around in Bhagirath Palace (old Delhi) to get a better deal.

Since then he is feeling very low, to his surprise all the big brands are importing everything from China and selling it here by just putting their stickers on that.

This is not the end, irony begins if u pickup the same model, everything same made by the Indian company its expensive by 35 – 40%.

Want to write more and more about this but we all know by now that China has such deep penetration in our country that every second thing we buy surely be from China.

As we all know, Indians have the best brains in the world, its not me who says that the entire world knows and confirms that.

Even we have the manpower to back our strength, so what is stopping us…………….

He is still very upset and disheartened but he bought China made fans since he wanted to save company’s money.

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posted by Shruti at 11:26 PM


hey shruti,nice blog and good questn gurl.i think HE should noit take things at Heart..we r the best but it takes time to hv some determionation in our people..evrythng is improving now..we r succedng gurl..

11:42 PM  

India is still stronger than China, after all it is Indian businessmen who are importing the Chinese goods at very low rates and selling them - so the big profits stick with India.

1:09 AM  

yeah this is apparent "Made in China" is filling up the world
and whats the secret of their success?

7:59 PM  

hi shruti..hw r u?
aree yaar i think In India thrs a lot an lots of COrruption which eats every policy insidely..thts y we r lacking..else we are the best-what do you say??r u on orkut..

7:51 AM  

China ..... The day they will learn english we are gone.... have yu ever read about production hazards and accidents in china.... dont yu feel happy about the way we are overtaking companys.... a global presence with quality.... mass everywhere sulks....But in long run ..... India will lead... till then enjoy cheap chinese products ...

12:59 AM  

HI Shruti..how r u gul..
so wts up..i think Rishi and Cyberkitty hv gvn fab''lus Views.
Our Views shld be printd in newspapr,to mk India the Best..ha ha..
and yes i came to knw tht In China Intrnat'nal Companies afraid to go because Law and Order is very bad there as against India..so we r again ahead in one more term..wt say..

3:07 AM  

Now Chinais becoming one of Indians favorite employment destination.
Lot of people are going there to Become yoga teachers,Software consultants etc.
But the goods made in China laks good quality.
thnx for the visit.
good day

3:59 AM  

Thanks for visiting my blog. but Inta hayati(check in my profile) is my primary blog!

4:32 AM  

Thanks for visiting my blog. but Inta hayati(check in my profile) is my primary blog!

4:32 AM  

i think he should not worry..china is head from us from decades...well now we are grwoing faster than china...

main point is that they are in to our market because they are cheaper..thats it...we should be able to make more cheaper than them..

6:53 AM  

True shruti.
China is developing very fast unlike us Indians who are good at nothin.
India could have increased so much with the man power we have but no one wants to work hard.
I hope they make the optimum use of the power we have.

Peace & Love

6:56 AM  

hi buddy,

Yeh thats true.. India has everything but the main thing we lack is single window system due to which everything is either delayed or becomes expensive due to transaction cost...

8:21 AM  

You are right, India has got best brains in the world. But the problem lies in managing them and dirty Indian politics. But i am sure in coming time its only India and India and India.........

Smiles :)

9:22 PM  

And yes, that pic was real and how come you didn't recognoze the kid...
That's me ;-)

Smiles :-)

9:23 PM  

nice article. but when China needs to be patted for its great development, our politicians are busy making money for themselves.
Chinese govt. has imposed very less excise and exports duty thus cutting their cost to great extent.
but our bureaucrats suggest only that policy, which can help them earn money..

12:55 AM  

two three facts about china.....apart from their economic clout

there is no semblence of intellectual property rights in china. everything they copy and everything is lawful. no one can complain.

its a country of 1 billion slaves working without decent human rights of individual freedom.

the have the official juggernaut ie PLA, their army to control everything and anything.

and even blogging is filtered in china.

their currency is heavily undervalued and not free floating. so their exports are cheap.

there are more political reasons for china being the economic power.....but they still havent paid the price for democracy, sooner or later, which they have to do.

the collapse is imminent. things can only be postponed. but not forever. when that happens, possibly, EU and India will overtake them. for sure.

3:41 AM  

It is not the case that only India is flooded with goods made in China that are 40% cheaper than the comparable made in India. Same is the case in North American Markets. From rubber bands to expensive goods like branded electronics i.e. Sony, Panasonic to name a few. In recent past, there was a news that China will be introducing a CAR for under 10,000 $ in US market. It is not that the Indians are not working hard, but the only possible answer I can think of is that China has so many people, so the labor is cheaply available and the workers are oppressed without a democratic system and the human rights has no value there. (Though Human rights are also abused in India up to a cetain extent)

4:31 AM  

Yeah, its true China has surpassed all expectations and has done things nobody expected. I think in the Indian context politics & corruption has been the biggest roadblocks in development.

6:56 AM  

Hi Shruti,
A good thought on China, as I recently heard a guy went to Pune (India), for business purpose and he said the attitude of Indians will soon make China prosper and that is coz Indians now a days hardly work for 2 hours and they ask for some dating allowance (zapped), and have become very demanding in all matters except working and looking at this attitude the business is moving to China. BTW this guy who went to India for business is an Indian too :D
So you can see we are the reason for good or bad...its just that I think its gone into people's head thats why! Though its sad!
Good Post!
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Good Luck as it needs patience :)

11:12 AM  

thank you for your comment

8:06 AM  

Actually we all jump for profit making the moment we know we are doing good. Chinese believe in "getting out there more and more" and we believe in "getting to profit more and more quickly".

That is exactly why world number one GM and Ford now lag behind Toyotas and Hondas.

5:34 PM  

good post shruti..

have you heard or read this news.

they are well advanced in tehnology too...

Yes we have better brains, but dont have better politicians...:)

7:31 PM  

well shruti, its nothing to do with we having more brains, but the fact we havent made use of our brain, thats the tragedy....

9:21 PM  

man u blew my tops off are u genius or what so well written and what a point tackled simply fantastic presence of mind am just waitin now when my biggest weakness will be my strength

10:14 PM  

this is the surface which the general ppl get to see always. yeah, right now it seems china is ahead of us..thnx to low duties on their products..but many dont know wats happening there...ppl r moving to cities in large hordes, agricultural land is being turned into indll land. nobody is interested in agriculture there. so in the long term , its india which will gain. read Readers digest,april,07 to know more abt bleak future of china...in the long run

12:14 AM  

Hi Shruti,

Have to disagree a bit on the population. If you push something down people's throats it always comes back to bite you.

Same with china's population. In a few years from now because of their one-child policy they will have a lot more retired-old people who will need pensions than working population. It is generally considered that about 2.1-2.2 children per family is ideal to maintain the correct proportions in the population.

China in that sense are going to face the same problems that germany and japan are facing right now with negative population growth.

1:54 AM  

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