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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Have A Ride...

Yesterday,at lunch time of our office. Two of my colleagues were discussing about coming together from home to office as they stay near by and one of them is used to come by bus. So they just thought of sharing a car and petrol price as it wil be beneficial to both.

After listening thier conversation, i just gave a thought for it and think what other benefits we can have from such carpooling.

- Environment friendly; helps in reducing pollution.

- Traffic, another major problem of incresing number of cars, will get reduced.

- Save Money; will reduce our burden of over rising petrol rates.

- Social Interaction; will help in develpoing the same.

- Reduce Stress; as one of our major problem of travelling in those conjested buses will get solved.

Its all what a little bit I came to think about it.

What you think about the carpooling? Do you feel carpooling can really help in solving such problems? Are there any disadvantages also?

Plz do share your thoughts with me.


posted by Shruti at 11:16 PM


Quite sensible!

2:21 AM  

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2:24 AM  

Hey its sensible but the porblem, the major one(for which we couldnt continue our idea) is maintaining Synchronization.
I am a S/W engineer and we decided also for carpool but most of the the time due to Time-difference issues with the cliend and due to meetings people have to stay back and then they have to came back by Auto(which costs 4 times than if they came by bike), so finally group broken and now working at less aggregated level.

But all the points told by Bird sorry Shruti are valid and make sense.


2:27 AM  

Come to think of it... a Bus is like a BIG CAR POOL.

Only if we had more frequent Buses, easily accessible and not ones where people are falling over one another - there would be less cars on the road, and our problem is solved.

At ANY Traffic Congestion - just look around - The traffic is almost entirely made up of Cars !! But since alternatives are so bad, people are forced to move around in cars.

The mess of public transport - resulted in a mess of private transport. Its like each one have a small textile plant at home to make clothes, because they cannot find clothes to buy in the market.

3:03 AM  

I think it is a wonderful idea and must be adopted by all. especially if we want to save our environment and get many cars off the road.

9:18 AM  

Ya even we used to carpool in school...it was more of a fun rather than all other benefits coz then i never knew the other factors...:D

10:07 PM  

Hey Bird,
I agree with your idea. Since we have started the carpool for a small group of people so we faced so many problems but if implemented on big level though it will cost more but you will get it as per your requirements. But i think that will make sense to get rid off that Traffic.

Does it make sense. My idea :)

12:07 AM  

gr8 idea. And we can make new friends also *!*

Thanks for leaving a nice response for my thoughts.
I'll keep visiting ur lovely space.


3:54 AM  

Hey Shruti.
I think i will have to agree with Apun Ka Desh on this. Was in london for quite a while. They have the most amazing public transport system. There is no need for a car!!
On the other hand, in the Indian context, Carpooling might be quite an effective way to reduce the congestion and trafiic. We do it at our office also. The onbly problem is that it is quite difficult to marry your time to someone else's.

Also, thanks for visiting my blog.

9:00 AM  

am right here to say hi and thanks for visiting my mindinside.

Its nice to meet you

8:30 PM  

I think the car pool idea and initiatives like www.commuteeasy.com make a lot of sense :)

2:31 AM  

Carpooling would really be beneficial in all the many ways you have described. It is probably one of the easiest ways to reduce pollution and number of cars on the road. I wish more people would carpool.

4:10 AM  

yep carpooling definitely has its advantages

8:58 AM  

advantages and disadvantages!!!low petrol consumption!!but then you can use a bus!!!!that would be even more cheap!!!

3:13 AM  

so bus is out of the picture!!u have trains!!!!the metro!!!Sridharan wala trains!!!

3:38 AM  

first thanks for dropping by...


Carpooling is not a new idea., its been followed by peoples in south east asian countries as well in some other place too....
but the pblm is how well it suits our situation....

its gud to consider sharing but the pblm wuld who'll maintain....

keep visiting...



5:24 AM  

it sure is a nice idea & does have many advantages like the ones u've listed...but just that it shd be the right person & convienece too. Like tho my office & hubby's office are neighbouring each other we still use separate cars cos we need to keep travelling & I wld like 2 b home earlier cos of kids whereas he is a workoholic & sits up late! :(

4:14 AM  

hi shruti,

how do you know me? :)
and why do you think extrabed.in isnt that reliable?

its just started na, might take some time to come up. but its a nice idea.

11:49 PM  

Nice Colourful blog, you have, shruti.. My sister`s name is Shruti too.. :)

P.S: I don`t like cars, I prefer bicycles.. entirely pollution free ;)

With Best Regards,

4:53 AM  

a very clear and serene template!i Loved it!

carpooling..its a good idea..pollution canbe reduced, and frends can be made too ;)

and Yes, Thank u for visiiting my Insanity Domain!
Take Care!

5:08 AM  

thanx for visitn mah blog shruti! :)

Of cous car pooling is a gud idea! it can reduce pollution, traffic etc. It is good unless and until u & ur frenz, family or anybody else for that matter stay together or nearby!

suppose both go to different places to work, then it can pose problems since the other person can be late!
There is always both advantages and Disadvantages!
But I personally feel car pooling is a very gud idea!

btw i've linked ur blog!!
will be comin back for more! :)

Peace & Love

8:52 AM  

A very intelligent idea my dear...

6:04 AM  

Hey!!! Thnx for d visit Sruti..n drop in once in a while... :) ...
Well,,carpooling..ya..it definitely is a wondrful idea..wer ppl cud take turns to ride..relieves stress...and considerable amount of fuel..

9:13 AM  

in india we have a concept of a public bus... no car pool can beat that

4:07 AM  

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5:10 PM  

Hi and thanks for the visit!
Sorry to be so late coming to visit you...I have been away from bogging!

Great post...I think carpooling is a great way to go!
Take care!


5:11 PM  

People in software hardly ever have a fixed outgoing time. I think a carpool would be quite unsuccessful there. In other industries though, I think is IS a necessity.


4:24 AM  

Tried it - tired of it. Doesn't work...especially if one isn't a government officer who can leave bang on time. Coordinating timings is a killer, leaving one out of the lot perpetually stranded. ANd regd social interaction - it causes less social interaction most of the times, esp if one of the carpoolers has overslept and is forced to listen to the flak of the others..heheh. Local trains/metro is the way to go, assuming you get in - in one piece and survive the ride

4:55 AM  

i think its good idea...more plus points than negatives..so go on

Take Care

11:35 PM  

In the West, there is a dedicated road on highways for cars that have 2 or more people riding.

10:51 AM  

If no difference of opinion with the colleague, then no problem.

9:55 AM  

After reading this article i recollected about my experience on such topic which was asked in my GD for MBA... it was somewhat similar. i would say it helps but finally what matters is status symbol and ability to pay.

7:51 AM  

Trust me, the friendships and the laughter on the way to work and home is the best part of the car pool.. having to wait for the late junta is the downside!

1:21 AM  

You have a great blog.

Car pooling is the concept that is catching up world wide. Infact, there is a company using website to register users for carpooling.

I am yet to experience this concept. Personally i wudnt allow anyone else to drive my ford. its too precious for me.

But, in case we tie up that everyone drives their own car then its ok.

4:56 AM  

Shruti.. I didn't get template thing yet :(

12:17 AM  

Hey Struti, thanks for coming bye :) Are u a regular visitor or just dropped in by chance?

I like the idea of carpooling but I guess the logitics must be handled properly. I personally wouldnt travel with a set of total strangers, some kind of a clique is needed, there might be new enetrants to the lot say like 1-2 persons in a group of 5... As far as it goes for girls this is almost imperitive.

I read an article in TOI about some website that allows people to carpool...

Anways do keep coming back to my blog :)

3:53 AM  

Car pooling is good.
If people who are sharing it take it as a Cab system.
Where 1 is supposed to come at 1 fixed time either from home or returning back from office.
2nd Being sure about the person who is accompanying others. In cab/bus the vendor & company take the cab user responsibility, here one have to be careful by own.

2:33 AM  

the long term solution is definately to develop a good public transport system....but yes carpooling is your second best choice...

4:10 AM  

thts pretty cool..
cuz ma Dad n 6 of his frenz go to office together..rather they car pooled unkowingly and became regualr and now for thm to meet up is not a problem as in thth half hr in the mornin..n evenin..they have a gr8 time talkin n no worries too..

Dad tells me how fresh one s mid wud get aftr havin a good time laughing abt general issues wich they discuss..

8:53 AM  

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