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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Flying Without Wings

'Generating new species: flying without wings' is the most heard jingle now a days. Aviation industry is booming. Colleges for Hospitality Management are growing like Mushroom. But, what about another bird of same species, which are rarely found in the Sky.

Yes, I am talking about Pilots.

We have shortage of them and now govt is regulating norms, according to which the rest time for pilots have to be increased matching the standard norm of World.

Quoting "Pilot fatigue can be a killer - some of the worst air crashes have taken place on account of it".

But aviation industry resist to it on account of two factors: one, it will have to recruit more pilots, which means increased expenditure. Secondly, there is a dearth of experienced commanders in the market.

Again airlines are planning to buy more aircrafts which means they need more pilots and the service hour of them will also increase as demand of pilots is much them its supply.

Just wondering, Govt is taking lot more stress on making rules regarding the services of airlines and giving licenses to many new players. But where is he going to put them all. Land congestion and air traffic is increasing. All the aircrafts have to wait at least for half an hour before take-off and landing.

Why Govt is not thinking about that, instead of giving entry to new player why it is not making the existing one getting better.

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