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Friday, June 08, 2007

Low Cost Flying in India - Fancy or Fantasy?

Power of cheap flying is soon going to change its meaning in this country, With the acquisition of Air Deccan by Mr.Mallaya.

There was a news around the corner that Kingfisher has bought 26% stake of Air Deccan. Frankly speaking, I'm little uncomfortable looking at Capt. Gopinath and Mallaya's union...

One believe in Luxury and style & another's belief is out and out Economy, at the cost of anything to everything ( Services best known to all of us)

Does that mean that the two different personalities will change the FACE of Low cost Airlines ?

Does that mean Air Deccan will revamp their services and follow the foot steps of Kingfisher ?

To me,there are only two major Players as low cost airlines " Air Deccan and Spice Jet." Does that mean Other Airlines do change its strategies and forget about the Common Man ?

So many more questions wandering in my mind which makes me feel...that the ERA of Low Cost Airlines is beginning to end now ?

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posted by Shruti at 3:55 AM


At the expense of quality, if (too)low cost airlines has to go, it should! as my last few flying experiences in air-deccan has been really worst, although spice-jet has been a lot better in this category.
And with most air-lines running into red, sooner or later, it have had to wind-up or sell it and air-deccan has been no exception, but still air-deccan should be acknowledged for starting the concept of low-cost airlines in this country.

8:44 AM  

I agree with Kalyan. I have not had an experience with Air Deccan, but I have heard quite a few "horror tales"!

10:01 PM  

well its going to be interesting...people are going to be served wine in deccan i guess ;)

9:47 PM  

Air Deccan was the most prominent Low fare airline (had it been low cost, there would have been numerous Low cost airlines), but there are still quite a few on the run. Indigo, Spicejet, paramount to be named. But the days of dirt cheap tickets would belong to the yore now..
A merger of Opposites was the best thing to happen to the industry, but common man isn't in for the good times.

10:31 PM  

Its has to end as on the name and competetion of low fare wars airline comapnies are in huge losses which is not good for industry.Deccan is leader in low cost operations but quality is worst and when ever i travel i feel like travelling in unreserved coach .
I think Dr Mallya And CT Gopinath will make good gr8 combination with quality and cost.As one is king of quality and other is of cost. So shruti cheers and be ready to travel with cost and qaultiy.

Take Care

4:52 AM  

Its actually a interesting combination - and its important to understand technically this is NOT a merger. Mallya has bought 26% stake in Deccan.

My guess is Air Deccan service is only going to improve now.

6:14 AM  

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6:33 AM  

I dont think its the end,but a new beggining...high cost flyer will be given more facilities....and so will be thw low cost..n hence the diff would be maintained..
As they said it would like u wont need to bu a water bottle n deccan!

2:15 AM  

its just a consolidation happening .. low cost airlines are here to stay here

3:26 AM  

I assume that people would be willing to shell out a little more money for the want of better services.
As of now, Deccan is the worst of the lot in terms of service. Their flights are never on time and the on-flight service is pathetic.
Probably, they can have a graded system, where low cost ( fewer ) flights between some smaller airports and better service and high cost services at other bigger airports. Something on these lines could result in a win win situation for everyone.
I think Capt. Gopinath was a little worried about Deccan's image. With frequent flight hassles and late take-offs and accidents like wheels coming off while landing .. I don't blame him for opting for a make-over of the company and services.

3:51 AM  

Low cost airlines,,,low cost fares,,,,low cost timesenses,,,all are in AIR DECCAN......But what is the use....good blog

4:01 AM  

My arms are to old to flap so I do not fly.............

5:12 AM  

though air deccan tickets could get expensive by a bit , I dont think it'll change from being a low cost airline..

5:28 AM  

Very interesting combination, but I guess its a business move to capture market share, in addition the quality and price is going to raise very soon. One can not compromise quality/service/maintenance in air for price !!

3:44 PM  

I wish you could find me a cheap flight from sydney to the uk!!!
One day I shall travel to India. I have always wished to.

12:49 AM  

i wish the ticket prices dont go up and also wish that air deccan raises its quality..now am i being too greedy????;-)

3:02 AM  

Hey i had read a simillar post sumwhere... did u wtite it earlier too?

11:09 AM  

Your fears might come true buddy. Happen to have a friend in Deccan Airways and he too reciprocated your views. Said that with this acquisition the flyting rates are surely gonna increase though only a percent of the total tickets might come at a cheaper price. Lets hope flying doesnt again become a lucury!!

4:15 AM  

we can only hope for the best!
May this merger brings out the best of both.

Thanks for visting my blog:)

7:02 AM  

With Mallya taking over ... I m sure the fares are gonna go up !!

10:21 PM  

Low Costs are not sustainable in this industry of heavy competition. Apart from commuting passengers, there are so many other things Airlines have to look into, and for Low Cost Airlines, struggling to make profits and achieving maintenance excellence is tough! This definitely calls for consolidation. KF has the power to maintain airlines well, AD has the consumer base. Their merger is meaningful. Otherwise, AD has to shut shop soon! Moreover, Low Cost is not good for the industry also, and it ll sure vanish one day! As in, economy ll stay and fares ll b lower than what they once were but they wont b as low as what they are.

For starters, Mr. Mallya announced Rs.500 increase in AD fares to put it back into profitability. This is being achieved by cutting down on the lowest fare seats and other similar measures!

2:15 AM  

Lower fares.......Firstof all see the condition of the airlines...then board....thanks for visiting

3:52 AM  

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7:59 AM  

Hmm.. I wonder do I hv to start travlg by train more often from now on

5:53 PM  

Nice thoughts..with simplicity

9:55 AM  

Nice post... and your concern shown is really valid one... keep posting :)
thanks for the ur comments on the post... wish you get a chance on bungee soon.. and then we would get chance to share the thoughts abt it

6:59 PM  

no...don't worry...i am sure we'll find some good affordable airlines..

8:30 PM  

can it be called an acqusition?does mallaya control deccan,or just have a large stake in it?
I hope he doesnt screw it up!

12:00 AM  

all this talk of flying reminds me of our 'flights of fancy' back in college days...

its inexpensive, but its the most beautifyl flight ever ;)

1:19 AM  

Looks like Dr. Mallya wants to make the rich & elite class happier than ever on the cost of the interests of common man.. Coming from a low middle class family, Air travel wud have alwys remained a Wish ..but thanks to AD , especially its low fares..it came true & now I travel quite often.. Wud request Dr. Mallya to keep the fares of AD at the current prevailing rates so that more & more of us can make use of this SO CALLED " LOW COST" Airline........

3:05 AM  

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