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Friday, April 20, 2007

Invaluable Thoughts

Thanks for the overwhelming response & affection I got so far, My friend is serious about this & have met his neighbors over dinner (which he organized at his place) to discuss the modalities further. Hope, he makes is good this time. But what ever little I have known him, he is surely gonna make it, this time.

I have conveyed him the thoughts shared by you all. He was quite touched with the idea of spending Quality Time with them. He is now thinking of organizing a Lunch get together with them. The old age home he is starting to begin with has 60 people approx.

Being himself from the Service Industry, he is very much confident of making this a great success, with few games, activities and simple lunch.

His fellow colleagues are in full support with him in all aspects. His food vendor has agreed to help him with Lunch on cost basis. Rest of the activities they will work out themselves.

Further, he has asked me to convey to all, that don’t feel that you guys have not contributed, U ALL SURELY HAVE, direction is equally important to achieve an aim. Otherwise, results are best known to all of us in most of the cases.


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posted by Shruti at 11:03 PM


good luck to you...

12:52 AM  

may you succeed in what u've decided.

12:52 AM  

Wonderful job.
Keep up the good work!
Wishin u all success! :)

Peace & Love

3:01 AM  

Good luck ... :)

3:36 AM  

if i can be of any help, pls do mail me on delhidreams at gmail

good luck

5:56 AM  

I wish you good luck

8:09 PM  

if ur frend is doing all this in delhi, can i participate in any way...kindly ask him.

8:56 PM  

u can inform me at narender.kumar@gmail.com


8:57 PM  

good luck..

12:44 AM  

gud work!
wish u all the best!


5:27 AM  

good luck !!!!!!!! ^_^

7:38 AM  

Good luck....

thanks for stopping by my blog **wink**

7:47 AM  

Shruti, its all your wonderful job.
Its fruitful to see all this
Gud luck :)

11:13 AM  

wow... great idea and your friend went through with it. That's really nice to hear. Good luck.

6:38 PM  

I like your blog.
Please visit http://vanishreerajamarthandan.blogspot.com/ and leave comment if you are interested in link exchange.
Happy Blogging :)

10:14 PM  

Do wat you wanna do and it brings happiness.

1:56 AM  

great job... i always thought 90% of these action items are forgotten the moment one leaves the party premisis

2:08 AM  

Hi shruti, I have added your blog as "I am a bird" on "http://vanishreerajamarthandan.blogspot.com/".
Thanks :)

3:56 AM  

inspiring! to read this..a nd i had to read the previous post as well.. usually alcohol has other effects than charitable thoughts, ive seen.. :)

kudos to your friend. this is just so awesome!

5:00 AM  

*eats humble pie*

great going .. hope its a success!

All the best!

ps: would you be interested in cross linking blogs ?

6:45 AM  

Thats really good new :)

7:52 AM  

hi, adding ur name to my friends links.. good friends now..

8:03 AM  

if you have not been to an old age home before you might take this opportunity to visit one. It is very different than one might think.

8:14 AM  

hiiiiiiiiiiii Shruti,,
its Very very bad that oyu are on Net and not Visiting my New BLOG(i knw its bad)but you have to appreciate that..ha ha..frnds kisliye hote hai..bye,.
ummm i think your frnd got right path..(advise bhe to de the maine)..ha ha..godd day.bye.

8:53 AM  

looks like the beginning of some gud service. good luck..thanks for visiting my blog.. hope u return to c my reply ;)

10:37 AM  

Wish ur friend all the success. More importantly, he shpuld work out ways to keep them occupied.

Probably, kitchen can be set up, gardening can be done, librarywith magazines. It is important that they are not idleand get to brood.

9:39 PM  

Charity and social work are noble, but from what I read from the previous posts,,, the noblest is the effort you put up.

Thanks for the visist.

11:16 PM  

do consider me seriously..whenever ur frend needs me...
but why was i wished all the best for my life...(matlab all of a sudden, a wish coming ur way..thus asking...)

3:42 AM  

Hi Shruti!
"Invaluable Thoughts" - great job!
I wish you many, many succsesses and good luck!

3:58 AM  

hai...shurti you have posted a wonderful information............tahnks for visiting

5:18 AM  

yeah .. thats wat I meant by cross linking blogs! .. have added you on my list already !

6:21 AM  

Hi Shruti.. Landed n ur blog..Very thoughtful one. All the best for you & your friends.

You writing really very thoughtful & a it has a sense of real feeling.

8:08 PM  

Greetings ~

Thanks for your visit to my blog, coming over to your blog was a pleasure and knowing about your friend even more so.
Very commendable job and please accept all the best wishes from my side for your friend.
Hope the consistency remains in his endeavor . Path to "do good" all alone is paved with lots of obstacles - hope he finds the courage to overcome all of them.

Tk care ~

11:18 PM  

really commendable effort..this calls for more commitment than donating moey which is apparently a easy way out..

11:33 PM  

i think i have commented once on this topic.but i am not able to c my comment here ????

Take Care

11:54 PM  

wow! thats really good Shruti. I don't know why but I have this strange affiliation for old people, I somehow think that I can understand them, their problems, their happiness, their concerns.

And with some other like-minded people, we are begining something called manuscripts for the elderly people. Now this is no social work. It is aimed at normal middle class elders, only to give them some reason/motif to live whatever life remains. It is just to share with them... hold getogethers where they could meet like-minded people and what you may call an interesting time-pass for them. Please visit www.manuscriptsunread.blogspot.com

May your cause go miles. Cheers!:-)

11:56 PM  

first of all thanks for visitng my blog...
i do have a sidebar.. i dont know why isnt it showing....

liked your blog will be visitng again....
good luck

1:30 AM  

thanx for ur lovely comment just added u in my favs as u never let me down in ur posts

4:02 AM  

woah! you've got an awesome blog! hats off to you!
and that's really neat of u guys! a good initiative! hang in there :)

6:00 AM  

You have a beautiful page out here..m surely gonna look forward to ur blog now. :)

7:24 AM  

Shruti, can I know from where did you get my link?

Coz I just give it to few people only..

I really dont like everyone to read my blogger...


7:24 AM  

hey... really nice thoughts...
have a lively life ahead... :-D

12:49 AM  

hi hw r u?

5:40 AM  

hello bird,

that is a lovely plan, all the people will be so happy, and no doubt so will you and your friends..enjoy it!

6:01 AM  

no dear, nothing personal... its just that its weird that people read my articles without knowing me 1st,,, so feelings of mine migt just be words for u.. u gotta know me well before u start reading...

I believe so..

and BTW, in whoz blogger account did u see my name?

7:13 AM  

Great job.. way to go, just let me know if there is anything we can help with.

10:41 AM  

nice one

1:20 PM  

this is really great! very inspiring indeed!
thanx for the visit!
and wishing you all the best! :o)

7:25 AM  

all the best!!

9:41 AM  

Where is this organized ? i mean which city ? Wonderful job anyways..Did a quick reading of this post and one below ..Seems it is primarily on old people..If it has got anything to do education of underprivileged kids, I can giv u leads to make it bigger I'm associated with Asha ( www-ashanet.org )

2:24 AM  

interesting .. good luck !

10:52 AM  

Shruti ji. Hi ji.
Thank you ji for visiting my blog.
lol sorry for saying ji ji ji three times.
Sometimes we crack loud when ppl use ji ji .. :)
Well it looks cool :)

11:59 AM  

fantastic..! keep it up..!
great blog u have here..

7:30 PM  

all the best buddy

10:29 PM  

A wonderful job dear friend. Keep it up.


3:51 PM  

hey shruti thats gr8 to hear and sorry for being late to comment...

my wishes and help will always be there

Take Care

4:18 AM  

Hey Gooood luck:)

9:36 AM  

thanks for visiting my blog :)
I saw an email on my account saying 'Shruti has commented on ur post' and I was literally very confused at first :P

Good Work on this post :)

8:53 AM  

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