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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Hey Guys !

Day before Yesterday, I was watching News at CNN-IBN around 10:00 PM or so, they was a debate going on why we all not been able to spread the news that people MUST vote for bring TAJ in 7 Wonders of the World list.

To my surprise only 2% of the Indian Population knows about something like this being done :(.

I immediately voted 'TAJ' by sending sms to 4567.

DEAR FRIENDS, Let's join hands again and pass on this information to maximum people around.

There are two ways to VOTE:
1) Online Voting be visiting New7wonders site
2) Through sms send TAJ to 4567

We are not realizing, millions of people earn their bread and butter only from TAJ MAHAL. I'm really disappointed the way our Government is promoting this, time is running out, results will be out on 7th July.

Let's wrack our brains and spread this message to all. Ideas are more the welcome


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posted by Shruti at 11:20 PM


Oh .. i was under the impression that its a hoax that they are redefining the 7 wonders of the world .. just voted .. If only more indians knew about it, the ones seleted would be all indian buildings, there are too many of us anyway :)

2:12 AM  

i say "TAJ MAHAL" is not from seven wonder.Its just only one wonder.
Yes i was aware of this but now let me vote.

my new poems is on its way dear.stuck up with wrk so..

Take Care

2:22 AM  

very true. iv voted.

2:28 AM  

I agree and voted

2:50 AM  

I have done my job..:)

5:50 AM  

Hey your blog is pretty interesting. Blogrolled you without your consent :-)

10:23 AM  

I had first voted for it almost one year back (or was it 10 months back?), and by now I must have voted for it at least 50 times.

According to a Star News feature which was aired some time back, Taj Mahal was said to be in the front ranks. So chill and keep on spreading the message. Remember 2% turns into 20 million.

Jai Hind!!!

10:28 AM  

7 wonders????

My name was no on the list!

Damn !!!!!!

11:35 AM  

ahhhhhhh i live in lisbon so ill be there in Estadio da Luz to see the announcement!! since its my teams stadium!!!!!! :D im so excited!!!!!

11:55 AM  

hi there,

I don't live in India and I'm from Iran, but I believe you're quite right dear friend.
Wish you the best.


3:26 PM  

the 7 wonders will be here in portugal!!!!! weeeee :D keep voting ;)

5:52 PM  

yeah confessing girl our country will rulezzz in that that :D

5:52 PM  

hehe i agree with vikas :D

8:06 PM  

true.It is the best among seven wonders.

10:03 PM  

I didn't know about the voting. Just voted, thanks shruthi.

2:35 AM  

Is it true?? I thot its fake so let it pass..

3:46 AM  

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6:05 AM  

duhh! even i was not aware of this! all i had heard was that the taj mahal was losing its shine and all!
anyway even if the taj doesnt make it to the list of seven wonders, it'll still be a wonder!

8:45 AM  

I did too, Shruthi!
:) And I have linked to u; hope u dont mind!

9:36 AM  

HEY YAAR thankz for the comments.. n thanks for this post.. really tell people to do this.!!!... can i have an id of your dost??you on orkut?

10:49 AM  


Okay i would be one of the few that would agree with that:-)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

12:42 PM  

I was under the impression that it already was?

7:41 PM  

irrespective of whether it gets chosen or not, it has won the hearts of millions ........... a wonder to denote the power of love!

And money!!!

11:04 PM  

good 4 u 2 spread dis message arnd..

11:19 PM  

TAJ MAHAL is definitely one wonder :)


4:02 AM  

wow thats cool--we r alwys on top..even in votin..

7:55 AM  

so can you vote from abrouad by sms ? or by sm online way

10:01 AM  

Actually, it's a wonder that the government even knows that the Taj Mahal is around.

10:34 AM  

yeah did it..n also smsed like 100 friends..hehe..
n ya Taj is Taj..n ll sure be there in d 7..

1:59 PM  

Yes I did vote :)


5:31 PM  

hey dear :) new poem is ready and waiting for you. Checkit out

Take Care

8:51 AM  

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12:25 PM  

Gonna do that right now!

12:31 PM  

Was getting couple of fwd mails abt this! :) Good 2 know that it came in CNN :)

12:46 PM  

ya ur right..
its the best. n v should proud about it

12:37 AM  

taj mahal dont deserve to be in the list....read this http://buddyatwork.blogspot.com/2006/10/dil-chahta-hai.html

12:40 AM  

I guess this SMS campaign has been going on for a while.. I remember voting for it by sending one SMS some one yr back.

1:48 AM  

oops, I missed the link. okie voted now

3:59 AM  

Wish people stop the pollution and preserve our heritage.

5:47 AM  

i did vote for it last year, but i dont think it'll add to it... taj has been the best without any help from govt or us

6:27 AM  

yes, i have voted too ! Even though i don't like taj mahal (the hands of people who constructed it were cruelly cut of )

8:30 AM  

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I know about the voting. But thanks to remind me again. I voted just now.

Have a nice day.

7:07 PM  

Already Voted

8:33 PM  

i know i heard this too and spread it over orkut and facebook

lets put taj into history

9:13 PM  

thanks a lot Shruti, for reminding, i am just going to vote for our 'TAJ'.
GOD bless!
take care n have fun!

4:06 AM  

i would like to exchange the blogspot names to ping
mine is

9:23 AM  

thnx for doing such nice work !

1:04 PM  

It is a pity indeed. Being the second largest country in terms of population, we still have so few votes!
A few days back, Mridula of Travel Tales, posted a list of world heritage sites ... and it was a poor sight there too .... being the seventh largest in terms of land area, and one of the oldest civilizations, we were no. 7 there in terms of number of sites included in the list.
Do we, as a nation, have no pride in our heritage? Perhaps not. How else will you explain ugly graffitti and state of neglect all over our monuments?

In this particular matter, I have done my bit - voted for the Taj!

9:22 PM  


6:01 AM  

Yeah! I've already voted for Taj.

But I still don't understand why the number of people SMSing shud b a criteria for deciding wonders of the world. If everybody is gonna vote for national pride some great wonders wud miss out. I wud've suggested an expert panel but nobody can be an expert on 'wonders'!

2:09 PM  

Hey, are there any set criterias for defining the seven wonders or its totally dependent on peoples vote..............

My vote with TAJ

Smiles :)

10:25 PM  

great shruti!

8:14 AM  

oh i didn't even know abt that!
thanks... :)
Take care

6:02 PM  

the proper term is "7 Modern wonders of the world" the true 7 wonders are the ancient wonders .. why are they called wonders? Because the construction of them were actually wondrous at that time.

1:53 PM  

Hey shruti how are u ?

4:40 AM  

I do agree. I voted. Thanks:-)

6:48 PM  

Stumbled upon your blog.
This is a good documentary on how people were made to believe TAJ as the greatest wonder in India when they were far more superior ones down South.

It's an eyeopener:

10:43 PM  

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