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Friday, May 04, 2007

Secrets of Better Deal with Airlines...

I have some useful information to share with you all, I have a friend who happens to be working with SpiceJet airlines. He had something very interesting facts to reveal. If we go by the books, there is a myth till date that travel agents can get you better fares then going direct to the airlines. Wrong !

Here are some Hard but really soft to our pocket facts:

1) Anytime you buy the ticket from the Internet, let’s say from www.SpiceJet.com at any given point of time you will get Rs. 50/- less. Sound weird but its true.

2) If you guys can manage to fly on Tuesday / Wednesday & Thursdays, you will get much better rates then rest of the days.

3) Travel agents or travel portals give their phone numbers and email ids, while doing booking for you. In case of flight delay or cancellations the information parted by airlines via phone numbers on ticket itinerary, will not come to you. You may face a no-show.

4) You will be the first one to know the new offers / discounts / promotions / deals with the airlines even before they go to the print media, only when your own email id or phone number is there with airline for your previous travel. As shared by my friend they send the mailers to all the registered users (at least 24 hours in advance) as loyalty program for their frequent fliers.

5) There are travel portals charging high cancellation fee than airlines.

6) The promotional fares promoted by airlines are not allowed through travel portals.

7) Travel portals at times charge full fare for infants.

Note: All of you pls spread these findings for betterment of Indian fliers.

Currently Spice Jet is offering Ticket Rs. 99/- till May -07


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posted by Shruti at 10:22 PM


wow...i really didnt know...i ll spread the word...thankx a lot shruti...

btw this is my first visit..am surely not my last..loved reading your previous posts too...may i please blog roll you?

12:33 AM  

well I will keep that in mind, for I am surely going to cross the horizon soon, like a bird.
Thank you

7:51 AM  

whoa!! i didnt know bout this one!!
thanx for sharin!!:)

peace & love

10:59 AM  

Thank you Shruti for this really useful informs.
Sometimes I am like a bird too.
Have a great weekend!

11:01 AM  

i book my fligts through http://www.indiflight.com/

and i could never ever find a cheeper way to book tickets

1:11 PM  

Good piece of info...worth sharing them...and btw thnx for dropping in ma blog too....

8:38 PM  

cool info shared...

Thanks for ur lovely comments there in my blog...

keep visiting..


2:02 AM  

Hmm...good tips there!
Air travel in India is getting really competitive isnt it?

2:45 AM  

some of the aviation cos. have some strange rules, which are not easy to understand, but really you could be benefitted by it, if go thru it as you did..

5:48 AM  

useful info, thanks, i'll keep it in mind.

9:36 PM  

my parents almost 99% of the times book directly through the airlines....very very rarely do they book through the agents.

thanks for the info on 99rs.....

12:53 AM  

ya spo well written i just saw today the ad of deccan for 1000 free tickets but taxes extra good informative post and thanx for ur comments

2:35 AM  


My first time here,Thks for the info, it really helps

6:49 AM  

Mmm ..got to try spice jet..had enough of air deccan :(

7:58 AM  

Really nice template and blog you have here! :)

12:14 PM  

waw i ddint know too!!!! thank you!!! :D:D:D:D

1:58 PM  

ty for this info!


6:07 PM  

I' m wondering how safe it is to fly in SpiceJet considering the number of near misses airliners in India are having.

11:17 PM  

hey great info!! thanks a lot!!

1:48 AM  

Nice info about Spice Jet:)

2:58 AM  

hmmmmm sure I will have it in mind when I fly high....:)

3:47 AM  

i didnt know that!


6:14 AM  

nice info...

7:53 AM  

Good info. Never knew abt it ! Thanks.

11:58 AM  

Thanks for the useful info.
Adding you to my links :-)

10:09 PM  

Thnx a lot for this information...I had many misconceptions earlier...you cleared some...keep coming up with such informative stuffs [:)]

10:48 PM  

ill speread the word round surely

thanks for stopping by my blog
will be visting often now

12:38 AM  

gud and useful info...
but recollecting my early days of skytrips in late 80s and comparing them with recent flights, i would say tht the flying exp has totally changed, food is useless, uneatable and co-passengers r getting rowdier...the luxury, class appeal that flights used to have is lost...thts too sad.

4:18 AM  

hey shruti this is really useful info.it will help me a lot and save my money..coz i often travell..so money saving leads to treat to shruti :)

hey "JO HUKUM MERE AAKAA" is funny one..i think girls will be doing all the wild things with this poor guy :D

5:02 AM  

Thanks for the info.I may not be a frequent flyer but will pass it on to my friends who are.

9:17 AM  

Interesting... I didn't know that.

2:16 PM  

goshh , i am jealous.
u are having such good flight options. and price Rs. 99. Thats like less than $3.

8:05 PM  

hey, thanx for that piece of info, Cheers!

8:18 PM  

just suggested a friend that book thourgh travel agents and u ll find it cheaper.. well..need to call him up and suggest him ur views... thnx

9:45 PM  


Thanks for visiting.

10:08 PM  

wow! v interesting facts! thanks :)

11:59 PM  

Thanks for dropping by...

The info given here is really usful n i nevr such details...

12:47 AM  

Thanks for dropping in. Your blog seems very interesting (not to mention the format)and you have lots of readers too, what else could a blogger want :).

And the airline info is really cool too !

4:12 AM  

very informative:D

4:15 AM  

Pity Australia is so far away

4:22 AM  

Pretty informative stuff...:)

4:25 AM  

thanks for the visit and comments..really appreciate the same..u do serious fotography ?


4:52 AM  

now thats really informative!
keep writting

4:56 AM  

hi there shrutti,

i have an airline link in my blog. we really take advantage on booking over the net. plus an added bonus if you book a week before the trip.

see yah!!

6:49 AM  

Information central!
I'm gonna make changes in my flight-booking ways!!

7:12 AM  

Thanks for your wishes and for your comment...
Anyways this bird(you) ;) is also the first one give any comment on my blog

I read the information you shared with us about airline fares and i which was really amazed to know about . Thanks for that information

9:45 AM  

useful information. :)

10:22 PM  

intrestingly .. its also very difficul to get your ticket cancelled in case of a booking through a portal. Most of the times they just try to pass on the responsibility to you saying that it has to be done at the counter itself by you in person. I just dont get it .. If the booking was made my them, can't they provide the cancellation facility too ??

2:26 AM  

thnks for the info dear..and i used to think that the part about being a bird was only metamorphical :)..anywayz excellent blog on the whole..very useful and practical..

3:58 AM  

Btw I'm still waiting ur comments on my other posts coz u promised that... :)

7:16 AM  

Hey..thanks for stopping by.. Love your blog.

12:23 PM  

hey shruti!
thanks for the info
does this also hold for international flights ??

loved ur earlier posts as well :)

9:11 PM  

Nice information...
In B/w,I liked ur template..

10:19 PM  

Thanks for leaving ur comment.Nice info about airlines.Will surely keep in mind.

11:05 PM  

Hey thanks for visiting my blog. I have a question for you, how do you manage to get sooooooo much traffic and comments on your blog. Amazing stuff, keep the good work going.

4:50 AM  

Shruti, thanks for visiting my blog. Your one is very nice and Thanks for this post with imp info

2:52 PM  

hi there,

wow...amazing facts! Thank you very much for sharing them with us.
Wish you the best.


4:52 PM  

Thanks for sharing the information & I beleive there is another site 'makemytrip.com' where you can get lesser fares by upto 100 bucks than the individual airlines websites, although I'm not promoting this site.

3:36 AM  

The info is really useful, thanks for sharing

6:23 AM  

Great to know this.Will definetly help us all..

3:05 AM  

amazing ..
thnx a lot..

1:05 PM  

shruti thanks for stopping again.. wheres da next post??? cant wait...

oh i am blogrolling u by da way

11:00 PM  

this is really good...!
thanks for the comment to my blog....

12:08 AM  

thanks for the info about spicejet i always though air deccan was the best ,but it was more like a bus journey than a plane journey :)

and thanks for visiting my blog ,and the comments

1:02 AM  

How do you manage to get sooooo many comments for each of your posts? What does one need to do to attract so much traffic and comments. I see you have labels, links etc.... how does one go about doing that???

9:25 AM  

thanks buddy!!

9:57 AM  

Thts some good information... But last time I tried my luck booking for a ticket online at the airdeccans website and it would hang every time... grrrr
Same has happened with spice jet too...

11:40 PM  

U Know someting-add this to ur blog shruti:-)-
special offers n cheap air fares also have conseqences like flight is canceled at the last moment wen they dont get a huge response . . so confirm,call b4 2-3 days:-). .i rate this article as v.useful. .thks 4 ur cmmnt,gives me a high to write more!

11:50 PM  

U Know someting-add this to ur blog shruti:-)-
special offers n cheap air fares also have conseqences like flight is canceled at the last moment wen they dont get a huge response . . so confirm,call b4 2-3 days:-). .i rate this article as v.useful. .thks 4 ur cmmnt,gives me a high to write more!

11:53 PM  

U Know someting-add this to ur blog shruti:-)-
special offers n cheap air fares also have conseqences like flight is canceled at the last moment wen they dont get a huge response . . so confirm,call b4 2-3 days:-). .i rate this article as v.useful. .thks 4 ur cmmnt,gives me a high to write more!

11:53 PM  

Nice info :) Quite useful for travellers like me..Thanks

1:45 AM  

waw so many coments!!

3:14 AM  

thts cool..think you forget us dear..

4:34 AM  

he he !
Hey! you have been tagged by me! c my blog post to know more!

8:14 AM  

hey gal where u diusappeared where is new piece of mind

8:29 AM  

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