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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sky Wars-Great Marketing!!!

They Started.They Followed.
This was the Outcome.

Land Creativity and Air War at its BEST, What Say guys....................... :)

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posted by Shruti at 8:17 AM


Ha ha! This is really amusing and creative!

10:51 AM  

If only GoAir was this good with their service, They suck big time.

11:19 AM  

i dunno abt the other two..
but the center one "kingfisher".. its not too bad! ;)

11:28 AM  

Wow, those bulletins were so dumb:]]

1:35 PM  

Awesome!!!! Maybe Air Deccan will come with some better thing!!

9:16 PM  

first time here :D
btw nice template u have, that bird and all is sweet!

12:58 AM  

Yea...creativity at its best!!

1:02 AM  

I have seen this :D
hehe!! Hey i changed my template back to black !! :) temme hows it now!

peace & love

1:06 AM  

its innovative..isnt it..one of frns hv joined FRANFINN too they followed this also.

1:34 AM  

@I also love to travel not the fantasied one..the real one. To unknown places, seeing unknow people and feeling unknown culture.It is great

1:49 AM  

:) :) :)... this is really brilliant. can I use the pics on my blog? will mention your blog as the source ofcourse....

1:56 AM  

ha ha ha ha hah
really nice one

2:23 AM  

hmmm...nice one. Air-wars hotting up!

3:44 AM  

Ambush Marketing at its best....I have become habitual to seeing ad-wars in electronc and print media, but now outdoors as well...

I remember in the cricket world cup where coke was the official sponsor and pepsi launched its "Nothing Official about it" campaign and looked so cool...

4:12 AM  

great marketing indeed
heh heh
oh have blogrolled u by the way

4:22 AM  

hey!! this is really cool advertising, but if i remember right it was followed by a third ad too... by Indigo or was Go Air, i can't recall!!

4:53 AM  

Apt !!

5:52 AM  

King fisher create changes :):)
I liked it,u have good observation

5:54 AM  

That is very funny indeed. Thank you for stopping by.

8:45 AM  

Very funny !

11:33 AM  

Thank you for your kind comments in my blog ! :D Hit the enter button way too early on the earlier message

11:34 AM  

so sweet :)

to much competition i guess.....the next company will keep a plane there....;)

can i add you to my blogroll??

8:22 PM  

Happy flights .. i love it!

10:19 PM  

haha quite hilarious.. thank u for sharing that

10:37 PM  

hmm this creativity and war..i have seen them...i think jet and kinfisher are best in present date..
I have been travelling by jet since my schooldays..and those days jet was the first airlines with the airhostess wearing skirts :) Indan airlines...ha it sucks sarees......yeh there was one more good airlines those days "EAST WEST AIRLINES" i liked their punch line "Look Up Its Probably EAST WEST AIRLINES"

kinfisher is best in premium service..in fact kingsize service

good one

Take Care

1:50 AM  

hey forgot to say..u broke the rule ..u were supposed to take up the tag...now ur punished :d and punishment is that u are going to revel ur most secrete during ur tag :D

Eager to know ur secrete

1:53 AM  

awesome :)

6:51 AM  

Greetings Bird !!

Yeah I got this as forward...whow what a cut throat strategy...isn't it !!
I use to like Jet, however even King is pretty good....Go air I have heard is..."you will know only if you are in Air..."lol....


8:31 AM  

Yes I have heard Kingfisher is doing really good.Nice post.

9:02 AM  

I had heard of the ads before...but its really refreshing to see some intelliget and nice ambush marketing apart from the cola wars.....n thanx for ur comments on my blog...

9:10 AM  

oh those adverts r crazy!!! what i great way to make a person really see it!! just put one on top of the other!!
u hv been tagged here

9:35 AM  

not bad!!!! hope they could change me too lol

10:49 AM  

The top banner is fake .. Its added by photoshop ..The other two are not ..

11:45 AM  

awesome..!!btw..i want a tag!!lol..
don noe y..

3:10 PM  

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9:57 PM  


4:33 AM  

The Go Air Banner is creation of some graphic designer :) must be photoshoped...however whoever created its must have a creative mind..

9:05 AM  

That's hilarious!!!

10:48 PM  

Nothink to say........
True mArketing thats all

Smiles :)

11:21 PM  

Dont loose hope..
It never dies

Smiles :)

12:26 AM  

pretty funny :) got once in fwds ..seems gr8 birbals on the war isn't it..

U got a nice place..thanx for coming bye my place :)

1:23 AM  

why do a lotta posts revolve around aeronautics??!! :)
a question best left unanswered....i'e seen this before though...its a nice ad war!

2:29 AM  

brilliant...and i wil say here..advertisement as an industry is highly underpaid!

6:40 AM  


9:46 AM  

good one..

10:04 AM  

indian advertising is going places...


1:46 PM  

really coooool

10:20 PM  

Great find. Really good!!

6:17 AM  

Really great. I wonder who comes up with such ideas. :-D

8:34 AM  

Thats cool.... I have added you with my BLOG. Add me with your BLOG


3:19 AM  

That a nice post!! great observation.

Less said the better for Aviation!!

4:15 AM  

lol! talk about competition!

7:45 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:42 AM  

This is brilliant...creative wars taken to a different plane...
and hey thanks for visiting my blog...

12:17 AM  

These are great ads. Thanks for stopping my blog. I love your template - it looks fantastic!!

3:53 AM  

yeah evn i noticed s 1st two n simply loved thm.... just awesome!

12:33 AM  

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3:28 AM  

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