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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Vacation...

What could be a better way to plan your summer vacation then this :)

Just got the news feed yesterday, Courtesy Spicejet we all can plan our economical vacation at best.


Here is the jist, if someone is unable to open that link

"SpiceJet, the fastest growing and the most efficient low – fares airline is celebrating its two years of successful journey in the Indian aviation industry. And to celebrate it, They are offering 2, 00,000 seats at a special price of 99 paisa each, for two or more guests traveling together on all its 14 destinations for travel between 15th June 2007 to 30th September 2007. The offer will only be available on the Spicejet Site."

Inspired by your response so far, will keep on sharing some useful/ informative & most importantly information for all my blog friends :), hope few or may be all can benefit with the same.

Lucky ones , please do come back and share.

Enjoy, who knows we might be in the same flight......................

P.S: My original Post

Just got the news on my feed. Sharing it with you all.
I havent check the details yet.
Will do it tomorrow and update more on this as i have to leave for somewhere now..
Take care and Good night..
Check the below link..


Check more on their site.


posted by Shruti at 7:16 AM


But i didnt get any.. :(
anyways all the best and i will wish a lot for you......and dont forgot to treat me because may be its due to my wishes. ;-(

Smiles :)

10:17 AM  

Hi Shruti!
Sometimes it is a good idea with good links.
Have a happy day!

5:33 PM  

Thanks for the great news.then I dream of flying daily :):)

9:39 PM  

Very useful link . Now I can understand why you are a Bird.

10:39 PM  

Hi...did not understand... will go thru the link...

2:16 AM  

seems too easy .. there has got to be a catch somewhere .. :D

2:40 AM  

2 lakh seats @ 99 paise,,,how come??

4:31 AM  

shruti ur blog is really informative
have tried mah hand at writing prose poetry check it out and let me know

5:25 AM  

Is it really possible??? I wonder! :)

6:11 AM  

ooops!! just now booked my tickets in indian airlines ..:(

1:57 PM  

Great News

10:47 PM  

Good Offer

10:48 PM  

hey thats great.. But you know what happens with me always is that i always get low fairs in Airdeccan and never in Spicejet.. though travelling wise and ambience is better in spicejet as compared to Airdeccan.. And one amazing thing is i m flying to Mumbai on saturday but again that is Airdeccan.

11:27 PM  

dear, both the link r same...:)
and i was teasing u...abt tht 'ab'normal ...relax..and enjoy
do u work in sm airlines,etc??

12:29 AM  

hey sruthi..well i dropped in at your blog too..hmm..interesting..you are really a bird..as for the movie i have it on the site..you can watch it from there..it is an artistic movie..so should be someone to appreciate such work!!Hope you do!!

1:37 AM  

the bird is really informative...

3:15 AM  

hmm...will they give a parachute to jump when over kodai....thats where ia mgoing for hols...so no way i can make use of such a good offer ...

4:17 AM  

hey that was good news.
but sad that i am not travlling anywhere! :)

peace & love

5:09 AM  

wowie! great news! sadly though the working class doesn't have summer vacations!

7:40 AM  

hey thanks dear for such gr8 news ..i will benifit a lot..and one note those who get this ticket..pls come with ur tags in your hands noting your blog name and ur name on it ;) So that if we are lucky enough then we can meet na "HUM TUM"
Hope to meet you shruti :)

Take Care

7:47 AM  

u have been tagged...

1:01 PM  

hey shruti...thank for ur visit to my blog.....just was going thru ur posts.....Hail spice jet...:D

by the way i was also reading about the interesting facts u put up for the Tag......

hope to be a regular visitor....
all the best from the clown...:D

1:32 AM  

Hi Shruti! what a wonderful writing... thanks

5:28 AM  

WOW...great sharing...but I liked the last line...you never know...someone will be there in the flight :D
Happy Vacationing...

6:09 PM  

Dang!! I wish this offer applied to me in the USA! I will be all over the country and the world, if I can !


7:21 PM  

sadly i dunt hav any summer vacctions in my job.. :(


11:20 PM  

came to portugal too!!!! :D:D:D:D

3:08 AM  

thanks a lot for visiting again...
take care..!

3:49 AM  

I miss the times when we had 2 1/2 months summer vacations! :(

7:49 AM  

gone r those days yaar!!!
summer vacation!!!!!

9:32 AM  

ummmm well let me go thru this link first.good day.

9:01 PM  

thanx for ur kind words shruti! :)
all ur comments make me write better! :)

peace & love

11:33 PM  

OKay then i am booking two tickets to Lucknow....You and Me

Smiles :)

12:33 AM  

That is real bad.....
Reason can be, being a city of nawab they might be thinking that how a nawab can fly in low fare flight, so no flights to Lucknow..........

Smiles :)

3:25 AM  

Hi Shruti! thaks for visting my blog and also you love Pizzas thats nice,,,,,,,, keep on visitng

5:12 AM  

Hi Shruti,
I have seen this on the news paper also.are they really giving 2lacs seat at 99paise.
Its something amazing.

6:16 AM  

Hi Shruti,
First time to your blog and i really enjoyed your whole stuff..
I am bird, shows the power of freedom..

Thanks for sharing the info with us. Hope to see you soon on my blog.

6:23 AM  

well Shruti thnx to be the 1st one to Reply and i am really doing well(hope u too).

9:20 AM  

hey kool yaar thanks for the info :)

8:41 PM  

Shruti..thank u dear for visiting my blog and commenting.You too have something interestng here! keep it up and do lend an ear to some music on my blog whenever u are bored or down...:-)

2:14 AM  

Woooo! More reasons to travel ;)

4:29 AM  

Sounds very interesting.. there must b a catch there? (couldn't open the link)

8:31 AM  

hi lady... you have been tagged... lets C how you complete it...
here it is:

1:41 PM  

i love to fly:D

3:50 PM  

hi Shruti,
thanks for dropping by!!

11:13 PM  

hello dear :)
just to say you hi and let u know that i miss u

Take Care

7:45 AM  

as we have no e-mail ids to interact so i am doing it here :)

7:46 AM  

Hi Shruti... howz you ?
Long time.....
You got me on time dear.. I voted too for Taj..
Keep up the innovative work :)

1:17 AM  

hi Shruti
thanks for dropping in to "sound of silence" you have a loely blog and nice template here :))

4:05 AM  

that was a good one! very cool link!

4:09 AM  

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