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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Help needed...

Dear Friends,

Please read the comment appended below. I got this yesterday from Mona. She needs a help from all of us to complete her Survey.

Let's help her.



Hey, you really got a nice nest here of your own, quite informative & ......different.

Came to know about your blog from Vikas blog where he has mentioned your love for Airlines and that's what made me request for a favour.

I'm doing a survey on Airlines as part of my project.

I would be very greatful if you could help me to reach many.

I am enclosing here the link, it just take not even five minutes to fill.


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posted by Shruti at 8:12 AM


I promise, it wont last long.......

Smiles :)

3:57 AM  

Hmmm..did dat survey thing...Its good u r providing help to someone.The thought is wt does matter.Tk Cr n keep smiling.

4:16 AM  

I'll give a hand when I'm free.

10:27 AM  

ok will do.


6:05 PM  

:) will do

3:26 AM  

will do!

7:44 AM  

Really a nice blog. I will try to complete the survey. Now get 250,000 Visitors! to your blog! All The Best

8:34 AM  

me too !

11:26 AM  

That was the sweetest message that I have received from a fellow blogger. It is also very encouraging to continue blogging, even though it is of random thoughts..

I did see your blog, you have selected a very niche topic for discussion - Airlines. They are quiet a boom in India, specially with all the ads by Air Hostess Training Academy.

Have subscribed to your blog via RSS.

2:04 PM  

I did that just now.

8:50 PM  

since it's all about airlines in india.. i'll skip

4:32 AM  

will beglad to fill in!
and u love airlines..seems like it from ur blog!

11:12 AM  

no can do - too long.

6:57 PM  

Hey thanks for dropping by --- I did take the survey!

3:40 PM  

I already did that! :)

peace & love

11:55 PM  

hello dear :)

where ru ?? waiting for you

Take Care

12:23 AM  

will try...

ur blog fills all my airline queries......

2:18 AM  

fine i did...but the reason too much overloaded with work..and this was a break :-)

12:43 AM  

Happy Friendship day


3:27 AM  

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5:06 AM  

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