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Friday, June 22, 2007

My Love for Airlines.....

Dear Friends,

First thing First, Once again I would like to thank you all from bottom of my heart, but by way why this phrase “bottom of my heart”, OK I do it whole heartedly. Now sounds better,for supporting & accepting me.

Well, This blog is to share few things.

As a kiddo I dreamt of being a pilot, then reality struck hard and changed my priorities to Air Hostess, but then that was not my destiny again.

I was good academically but not beautically, reason given for not selecting that they have to double the size of aisle, for me to walk through. Ha ha ha, just kidding, hey guys me not that fatso

Yes, I really love talking about Airlines, reason my passion for it & nothing else. I feel this is one place I have of my own where in I can share what is happening in this industry and may be few of us can get some benefit out if it…………….

Also, if you guys got something interesting to share about Airlines, I will be happy to post on my blog too.

So, wait till the time you get a next update from time.

Love shruti.

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posted by Shruti at 11:31 PM


blogrolled :)

1:22 AM  

Is dat why your blog is named i am a bird?
cas you wanted to fly?

3:22 AM  

Nice.. BTW, what r u doin now?

3:36 AM  

This almost is an answer to my earlier comment.

Its nice to read when a person writes about a topic he/she is passisonate about ...

airlines ... its different from the usual interests of a girl.
And hence intrigued.

One of the few i have seen.

A post on fighter aircraft and boy, you would get a loyal following!! [:D]

8:13 AM  

Even I wanted to be an airhostess at one point but was too short in height ! Now when I travel in planes, I realise it is just a glorified waitress kind of job !

9:21 AM  

sad...i know how it feels when u realise that reality is far beyond ur dreams...

5:57 AM  

well all dreams are not fullfilled and might be this was one of ur dream which came in that catagory.

But who knows u might reach that heights and flying bcoms passion along with ur daily travel ;) in a business class and ur dream can come true either in one or other way.

7:06 AM  

A beauty such as you should have her feet firmly on the ground, the skies can be gazed upon better from here!

9:40 PM  

Thnx for clearing the confusion....
whn i read the title of your article...the first thing came to my mind was that today i m going to ask you your profession....and i was sure that you'll say air hostess.

But surprised i was after reading this article......n all doubts vanished.

n on a lighter note....thnx for telling that u not tat fatoo :P

neways...take care

1:44 AM  

hey u know what...we both share same dreams but priorities change me...
when i was kid i use to draw aeroplane and use to write on it "CHAVDA AIRLINES".i always wanted to have airlines company...but when i got in to reality i has to change my way..but still my dreams to open ...and any time if i own airlines i promise u will be the pilot of my airlines and i will be co-pilot when ever u fly ;).....lets hope this comes true...

Take Care

3:08 AM  

lol shruti as a kiddo i used to think the same being a pilot.
But no luck :)

U know, i have used ur text for Taj. just wanted to spread the message among those who still not voted for taj.
hope you forgive me.. for copying and pasting. lol

4:43 AM  

follow your dreams...

9:13 AM  

waw ai also would love to be Air Hostess !!!! I love to fly and travel...!!!! :)
but plse keep following your dream!!!

5:10 PM  

Nice info on yr blog...interesting!! :-)

10:13 PM  


Reading your posts, I thought you work for the aviation industry. Talking about mergers, discounted costs etc. .

11:32 PM  

Everyone has a childhood dream, but not many get fulfilled..
I wanted to be an Astronaut as a kid.. but ended up being a stereotyped engineer + MBA..

11:33 PM  

Well, wait for a while, get loads of money and buy your own jet :) I tell you, no dream too big ;D

1:01 AM  

i like fatso ppl. they're usually very kind and warm hearted :)

1:19 AM  

Can you do a favor for me:
Anyhow start a cheap airline between Pune and Lucknow

Smiles :)

1:50 AM  

Its great to write about dreams, I think writing also tells what to do next!! Hope to see you flying in a Jet soon Shruti... Good luck

3:51 AM  

Hey shruti..thanks for visiting my blog.ur passion for airlines is evident from ur posts...keeping in tch wts happening n d airline industry..n actualy taking out time to post it all here...gr8 work i must say!!!
Thanks for the updations.

12:05 PM  

Lovely Letter, You are Blogrolled :-)

6:21 AM  

This is actually the first really personalized post I've seen on your blog.....you should write more....
and why did the pilot thing not work out?

8:13 AM  

A nice blog! On reading first I got the impression that you are working in the aviation industry..Air Hostress was my guess..But was surprised to know its not so. And your title "I am a bird" aptly captures your passion..Keep blogging yaar..And my passion is writin i suppose.SO if you happen to find some time..Do read my blog

8:05 PM  

beauty lies in the eyes of beholder... :)

1:10 AM  

yes, i had one or two experiences on board :) will blog it some time. take care.

2:52 AM  

hey! thanx for visiting my blog.
urs is also well maintained from what i cud get from the quick scan.
so ur into planes and fying huh..cool! am into travelling and once wished to be an air-hostess - that was one unlimited and free option of mine to travel worldwide :) nonetheless, im blessed to have seen almost half of the world...now i wish to marry someone who can afford to show me the remaining half! lol

4:59 AM  

gd to know so much abt u...haha...
but it seems lik u r very much deeply intrstd in air..truly a bird... and thnx for all ur advices on my blog..but its all over :(... tk cr bye

4:38 AM  

and i do got details and nitty gritty of a big scam which airlines and travel operators indulge into to dupe govt and passengers...all this i got to know when we had tht tragedy in april(remeber tht?)...but all tht smtime later...

4:40 AM  

I wish you the best in whatever you set your heart on little Bird!

5:25 AM  

Aha got it ...! With so many posts on airlines...one can make that calculated guess...right !!

Tk care ~

5:56 AM  

I have a friend who had a dream to be a pilot. Instead, he became an air-host... I hate flying, 'cause of my stupid phobia, but I like travelling. :)

3:50 AM  

When i used to be a kid and we use to fly .. i really used to be impressed by the stewardess.

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2:12 AM  

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