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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

What we all anticipated has come true, Air Deccan has increased their price tag by Rs. 500/-. Hope this increase will give all the commuters something better to look forward from them.

I totally agree with you guys their service level has gone down and going further down day by day.

Just a Thought, does these guys have some SLA’s ( Service Level Agreement ) or not. I’m sure being such a large organization they must have & If they have who is monitoring them or verifying it.

On the contrary i have one more news to share, most of the these domestic airlines are following the foot steps of Jet & IA as far as flying international is concerned. To me its seems to be a good sign for them & US.

Fly Abroad means:
More Income –More Expansion
More Expansion – Better Services


posted by Shruti at 5:57 AM


why this fix with airlines, if i may ask...

7:37 AM  

It may also be the opposite, as the airlines industry is so competitive now, flying abroad- the airlines could well bleed more and next I don't think I have to tell...

3:41 AM  

Indeed. I agree with you.

6:25 AM  

How ws this article related 2 Jhoom Barabar Jhoom?? Btw i like Kingfisher..though hav never flown in it :(

6:30 AM  

Inclined towards flying, airlines etc?? :) Anyway related 2 it?

11:43 AM  

Even ur blog title is "I AM bird" ;) Coincidence? Or meant it that way! Wanna know Jus out of curiousity! :) Ignore if u don wanna answer :D

11:45 AM  

Ur rite!! :D
Lets keep our fingers crossed! ;)
How've u been doin shruti!?

peace & love

10:23 PM  

Isnt that good! :)


11:55 PM  

I thought this one was a Jhoom Barabar Jhoom review!! :D

Thoughtful post, anywayz

5:18 AM  

just dropped by to say 'hi'


7:14 AM  

Well I think that this is a step back rather. The common man who had just started flying rarely care for these 'services'.

7:22 AM  

hi there...nice post. i'm not sure if u remember me..well you once visited my blog and gave a valuable feedback...have posted something again...hope u'll like it..ur comments are appreciated...thanks.

12:40 PM  

thank you for your comment im back now ;)

6:30 PM  

hello dear :) thanks for the wishes for my lil niece..Hey dear she is baby girl not boy .

and airlines war its like "two cats fighting and monkey takes it" we all are now monkeys...so enjoy this status

Take CAre

1:27 AM  

Ms Bird,

I have the same question - is this a Airline specific Blog ? :).

1:46 AM  

I still dont think Airdeccan fares will go too much high..They'll still run on the low-cost model.. ( though no more 1 rupee tickets and all )

2:28 AM  

Yes i fully agree with you,,,,,but nothing is going to change...

3:01 AM  

Agree.. nice post.. can I blogroll you?

8:07 AM  

i see quite a few posts about airlines.

Are you in the same industry?

6:35 PM  

By international standards the fares are still pretty affordable though. Arent they?

9:46 PM  

SLA's are only for S/W engrs I guess... ha ha

10:30 PM  

If you want comfortable and good service don't fly budget...

10:39 PM  

and i thought there would be nothing left to post on planes and airline business :)

1:45 AM  

wats abt this poll on airlines??

11:52 AM  

hw r u?

2:06 PM  

nah! i dindt like d idea much! der was just dis one middle class airline... n deccan may not'vce done wonders in srrving us! but it just came n shook all oders n brought this whole new trend of flying cheap...
trendsetter...(although i dont like flying deccan) i think d prices shd stay put!

12:37 AM  

hey new one is ready for u dear

Take Care

3:51 AM  

Hey, that's great!

6:58 AM  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:00 AM  

the low cost airlines are a curse to the airline industry, co they contribute the heavy chunk not so seasoned fliers to the airport..

low cost airlines means more people flying
more people flying means crowded airports ergo a decline in services..

on another note..fly down to chennai for 1200 bucks..and pay the auto on the airport 600 bucks to reach ur next destination....would be glad if the airlines give complimentary ground transport..

i prefer Kingfisher..for the mallaya's hand picked crew on board..

7:28 AM  

you have a thing for airlines.. :D

9:27 AM  


2:55 AM  

hey.. i thot this was abt JBJ :P
neways, i agree with ya :)

3:07 AM  

i hardly fly...so i don't care!

5:45 AM  

oh hell!I've been air deccanning for a year now!guess thats all down the drain now......oh well, back to the bus!

7:03 AM  

Thanks for d comments on my blog!!!
Well d airline menace is sure picking up ..but hope things will be fine

10:14 AM  

No matter what we say to Airdeccan but it made people fly and experience the way of flying. Directly on indirectly it initiated consumer spending which helped in GDP growth.

7:11 AM  

I agreee...
And I hope the level increase...!

1:37 AM  

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1:02 AM  

what's with the title!?!

9:44 AM  

How does this article connect with the title???? anyways i agree with you......hope we get better service....

10:38 PM  

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10:35 PM  

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