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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Acquisition SpiceJet - Curiosity kills the Cat

There has been lot of rumors & Median speculation that Spicejet is going to market for funds.

Though we have all read in News Papers and even today in Economic Times that nothing is happening and they are well funded to move ahead & even planning to go international in 2008.

My Concern, Rumors might or might not be good for this industry but its certainly not good for the employees working there.

This matter is so serious that Ajay Singh and Capt. Gopination has written mail to their respective forces to stay focused and not get perturbed by this rumors.

So my friends, who all are working at SpiceJet stay glued to your organization, you guys are in safe hands.

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posted by Shruti at 6:00 AM


Hey shruti...U r doing a really good job here i must say.Keep us updated about the latest.Tk Cr

12:10 PM  

good job!


6:09 PM  

So fingers crossed for that

Smiles :)

11:13 PM  

Well, I am just a customer. As long as thing happen that will make life easy for air-commuters, I am fine with anything.

11:44 PM  

You are tagged!! visit my blog for details.

1:40 AM  

Wow... I never know this. Thanks for sharing. Nice blog about air.. totally new to me but I like to read them.

And thanks for visiting my blogs. Glad to see you there and here too!


4:03 AM  

hey nice updates about the air travel industry .recently was on spice jet and it's good no delays in flights like air deccan and they do give u water for free too :)

happy blogging

4:48 AM  

hey speculation are just diggy..dont go with it...good work buddy..i think as journalist u must get special place in newspaper..just like "page3" may we can call it as " fly space"

Take Care

5:08 AM  

You are spreading good message.. :)
keep the motivation up

7:22 PM  

i feel like i am in a different world whn i visit ur blog!!

8:08 PM  

SpiceJet i have read is earning profits, then why sell so early when competition was hotting up. We are again going back to monopoly days.

7:41 AM  


7:52 AM  

Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog. Secondly, Serene layout. Thirdly, good work in here :) Will visit more often.

5:46 AM  

Hey... I've tagged you. Check my blog for more details...

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Hi, Shruti,

First things first, lol.. thank you for visiting my blog at LJ. :-) It's such pleasure and delight to see someone viewing humble efforts in the blog.

Your blog is so interesting. I know so little about airlines anywhere in the world for that matter, even in my own country. So your blog now gives me a fair idea on the subject. Nice job you're doing.

Take care. God bless you and your family.

8:30 PM  

nice informed post.. keep goin!!

8:51 PM  

Quite informative post.Thanks for updating us..
Good luck.

2:16 AM  

nice work .... u r tagged ... check out & respond if u please ..

2:17 AM  

The rules of the tag, as handed down to me are:-

1. Give a refernce and link to the person who tagged you.
2. write about the book u've read recently and quote the 5th or last para of it's 123rd page.
3. Tag five others

4:05 AM  

Du work for SPice Jet??

2:52 PM  

Ah, didn't know that. Will keep coming back for more updates.

And well thanks for visiting my blog.

5:21 PM  

Hi mate,
Wonder if SpiceJet is seriously in trouble. I guess Air Deccan too is finding cheap means of fooling customers and making money. Are these aircrafts having enough money in their belly. Guess we needa wait and watch if they really do or are their bosses pocketing it all

12:21 AM  

hello dear :)

kya baat hai aaj kal hamse baat nahi kar rahe ho ?? koi naarazgi hai kya humse???

do let me know!

Take CAre

6:59 AM  

gud job dudette..keep going !

10:58 AM  

hi shruti...my favorite name.. :) good blog! i love it..tk care

1:46 AM  

hey shruti, Thanx for commenting on the post http://theuniversalbeing.blogspot.com/2007/07/one-minute-please.html .

You too have a nice blog..

Airline industry is the most volatile industry today...with tremendous competition and M&As ..Your concerns for the employees in these organizations is appreciated...

keep writing..!! :) bye.. :)

6:59 AM  

Good job! Cool!

8:24 AM  

spice jet suks bigg time..
tehy need to take a leaf outa jet and learn something abt customer service....

8:31 AM  

i am a biiig FAN of ALCHEMIST FRIEND[:D] keeep smiling .... i can write the whole book again!!

9:25 AM  

Hi Shruti,

Nice to read ur first post :) I am planning my time to go thru all the previous posts. Hope to enjoy !!

BTW, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

Cheers !!

10:41 AM  

It is tough keeping track of all the airline mergers. I work with a lot of pilots and they never know if they have a job from one season to the next...

Thanks for dropping by my Blog, you are always welcome!!

8:02 PM  

well if they are going to market, i am definitely buying their shares. sm way to make a few bucks.

and hey thanks for putting the comment. yes, me too been off and on. too bz with work ..

5:13 AM  

I got the picture! :D Will i get a free ticket??? Heheheh! Kidding! :)

5:35 AM  

Hi shruti..interesting post! gud job keep it up!tk care

5:36 PM  

Dear SHRUTI...you are very much intersted in aeronatical field..... much of your blogs contains this...good information

3:22 AM  

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thanks a lot for stopping by...
take care..!

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6:37 AM  

A very unique blog I must say.... Liked it... will keep dropping by. :)

7:19 PM  

Loving to fly and spend the whole time flying I used to dream of becoming a stewardess when i was a kid .. now ur posts reminds me of my childhood dreams

5:37 AM  

Hey dont worry... Spicejet is here to stay....

11:28 AM  

Hi, Very nice...keep it up..!

12:52 AM  

hmmmm u keep on updating abt airlines....fell in Love with them??? good...:)

9:15 AM  

HEY DEAR .............BADHAHI HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

TAJ number one in seven wonder of world.......CONGRATS TO YOU AND EVERY ONE ..............

Take Care

11:05 AM  

Please nominate some Indian treasures for
new seven natural wonders . My nominations are Sundarbans and Himalayas.

6:42 AM  

Spicejet update?

6:41 PM  


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Thanks for your kind words friend.
You too have nice blog, pointing to small small things in our daily life.
Another reagular visitor added your blog today :)

4:23 AM  

whoa... 50th comment on this post!
some kick ass blog!

8:44 AM  

hey nice blog yaar! i liked your interest in airlines..rare to find among girls..good keep it up!

1:59 PM  

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a real good one going on here yourself!

8:00 PM  

Gosh! I never know about this...

9:51 AM  

I mean.. I never know that everyone is interested with this news.. Lol..

9:52 AM  

good job shurthi...all the best to u! tk care!

5:36 PM  

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