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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Flying Without Wings

'Generating new species: flying without wings' is the most heard jingle now a days. Aviation industry is booming. Colleges for Hospitality Management are growing like Mushroom. But, what about another bird of same species, which are rarely found in the Sky.

Yes, I am talking about Pilots.

We have shortage of them and now govt is regulating norms, according to which the rest time for pilots have to be increased matching the standard norm of World.

Quoting "Pilot fatigue can be a killer - some of the worst air crashes have taken place on account of it".

But aviation industry resist to it on account of two factors: one, it will have to recruit more pilots, which means increased expenditure. Secondly, there is a dearth of experienced commanders in the market.

Again airlines are planning to buy more aircrafts which means they need more pilots and the service hour of them will also increase as demand of pilots is much them its supply.

Just wondering, Govt is taking lot more stress on making rules regarding the services of airlines and giving licenses to many new players. But where is he going to put them all. Land congestion and air traffic is increasing. All the aircrafts have to wait at least for half an hour before take-off and landing.

Why Govt is not thinking about that, instead of giving entry to new player why it is not making the existing one getting better.

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posted by Shruti at 4:26 AM


The larger the competition is....the better it is for the market......now government cannot deny new players...it can only regulate the norms and laws....

If the government was effective enough this entry of new players could have been a boon for the consumers......but we got to wait n watch the govt.

7:22 AM  

pilot fatigue is something that cant be avoided...afterall they are human.U r right...they should train more pilots so that the situation gets better.
AS far as new players are concerned..they'll increase the competition and i think the situation might get better in future.lets hope for the best!

12:19 PM  

hi dear friend,

I wasn't around for a while, but I'm back.
You know it's all based on profit making and some policies the authorities know themselves (whatever they are!) and craches are not their main concern! That feels bad!
Wish you the best.

7:18 PM  

oi.... i cant believe there is a blog totally dedicated to air.... hehe.... so wat do you work as?
okay, Im coming here for the 1st time.....

3:31 AM  

hi Shruti,
how are you!hope you are fine!
'Generating new species: flying without wings' ..its true!!1even i have some of friends at Spicejet and Avalon!!, they too think so!!
good day !take Care dear!

4:21 AM  

Pilots physical and emotional comfort is an earnest importance for the afety of people they carry.. A frustrated pilot can even crash the plane..
Blocking competition is no solution as its just healthy. yaa government needs to build infrastructure to accomodate the demand.
Crying is no solution, competing is


6:09 AM  

am a dreamer. me needs no pilot [:D]

just kidding it is strange that the govt is two steps behind any development whatsoever. Crazy.

8:02 AM  

hey what do u do?? are u a pilot or something related to aviation??? I find only aviation stuffs here...:)

12:28 AM  

well... i read that post..and i get u now...

And why has ur blogger name changed to Mona???:0

1:33 AM  

a blog on airline matters.. interesting! :)

and very valid points of view.

6:23 AM  

yes true!
there is a shortage of pilots!
I have a couple of friends who are crazy bout flying airplanes. outta which 2 of them even quit their Engg and went to canada for their pilot training! :)

peace & love

9:23 PM  

hmm prblm is there , but will soon will be solved....workn is going on :)

how ru dear ??

Take Care

11:32 PM  

Yes, good pilots are in tremendous shortage nowadays. But with the demand for more flights and routes nowadays, how can we resolve this?

1:28 AM  

Hey Bird...........How are you...
I am fine dear.........Lot of things are here to update but enjoying the time to count on me..........

Take Care

Smiles :)

And my suggestion regarding your problem is that Pilpt recruitment should be through one dedicated channel, be it limited or more but channel should be one. That way we will be having people belonging to same set of criterias.
And then we kan outsource them to different different avenues.
And i think govt. interference is good as far as they are keeping the politics apart from this issue.

P.S : These are personal views that are bound to change as per more knowledge flow and information regarding the issues.
So dont go by them blindly :)

5:55 AM  

Hmm...I am a frequent flyer and will be making a long haul flight soon enough. Your post scare me in a small way. What if the pilot piloting my plane is fatigued?


7:44 AM  

ok...u've got a blog primarily to air travel...
yea..i guess the main reason for not being able to avoid "pilot fatigue" is the demand supply gap...
i never really thot of this...except when so many airlines had cropped up all of a sudden about a year and a half or 2 back..
it had flitted thru my head...we're gonna need more pilots!!

8:05 AM  

I agree completely, the government must try to just get in new pilots, which are often talented in many ways...but if not trained properly even the best of talents are lost, and the government must take care of that.

8:10 AM  

trying to scare the flyers or something?? lol.. but valid arguments.. government is sleeping as usual..

11:49 AM  

WOW LOVE THAT POST AND SORRY I HAVENT commented here in a while but just had successful heart surgery:P trecovering here in the hospital now:)

2:23 PM  

The number of new pilot licenses given by the Indian govt each year is about 10. I suppose its because flying an airplane is much harder than a land vehicle. For domestic flights, I prefer flying in IA because the pilots are required to have more number of 'flight hours' before they can fly people commercially.

12:37 AM  

hey shruti!!
How've u been?
I just wanted to know how do u know Deepika!? Deepika
I saw ur comment in one of her posts!
do u know her personally or is she just a blog friend!?
Cuz she is a fren of mine :) I know her thro yahoo! :)

peace & love

2:25 AM  

This is our Govt dear! There are no deadlines for their works, no performance analysis (do we consider the performance against promises after 5 year term?), no proper planning with timeline. But master in imposing rules. The attitudes of our ministers are like so-called rulers, they often forget that people nominated them and it is part of their job to serve the country. Alas what can we do?

11:44 AM  

I come to congratulate you with your work, very good, and to desire good vacations to you

5:19 PM  

Yeah, very true. These people doesn't care about the pilots and more importantly, what about passenger safety as fatigued pilots also mean risking the lives of flying passengers and the govt. is just sitting idle. Its a very risky now!

2:13 AM  

Thats a good thought!

3:57 AM  

I wish you
A Very Happy Independence Day!

7:13 AM  

well pilot fatigation...this worries me because they carry us, I think there would be a time for fly for example only some hours and then change for another person!! isnt?

8:04 AM  

If this blog is about airplanes then i am at the right spot .As i am really afraid of going in planes.(May be i can get bolder attitudes).I never thought there would be blogs dedicated to aeroplanes.

9:39 AM  

Anyway safety is important when u take up a flight.More importance need to be given.

9:41 AM  

This is a new sort of a post. First time I'm seeing this type of a post on somebody's blog.It's nice.:-)
Btw, Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.:-)
Please do keep visiting.And, I like your template.:-D

2:41 AM  

ur right.. But I still stand for new players.. which ensures customer s king

10:25 PM  

Hello shruti,

Hope you may not know me. This is my first visit. Thanks for visiting my blog (http://jokes-a-lot.blogspot.com/2007/05/good-understanding.html) a couple of months back.

Sorry for not replying immediately.

This post seems to be good and sensational. Whatever we think, speak, and spend our energy on.. the "politics" remain same in every aspect!! Its something who will tie the bell to cat?

Hope to see the change sooner.

5:13 AM  

Hey Birdie,where are you?
No updates for so long.

Smiles :)

12:46 AM  

Ok, I'm convinced it's a problem. I guess, truckers have more restrictive rest rules than airline pilots.

7:33 PM  

just dropped by to say 'hi' :)


2:09 AM  

Shortage in no. of pilots is mainly due to the cost incurred to get training...most of us can only dream about it...but only ppl with money can go for it...For most ppl in India, becoming a pilot isnt possible...

4:59 AM  

hey dear kaha khogayo ho yaar ???
hope everything is fine with u :)

waiting for u

Take Care

6:19 AM  

I thought it was a song at first. haha... nice post!
Very well written.. ;)

8:47 AM  

Was passing by now love to say hi to you,
riding a wild blind horse to hurry forward to the unknown future,
a fast forward train with just a pause at the stations on the way to say a hello and be taken away,

The joy to me is the pauses in between and the hello ..

8:01 PM  

mmm. i need to travel to Kuala Lumpur in november. do you know of any low cost airliners from India? have heard of tiger airlines but its ticket prices are so low, that it appears suspect. i really wonder what kind of service they offer. can you suggest me some average airliners?


11:47 AM  

Hi Shruti -

I am really Sorry for jumping in like this but Please read this


1:45 AM  

You are really bring it to people...awareness is what is required
Good job gal

5:15 PM  

Good one yaar you always bang with great ideas :)
keep up.

1:36 AM  

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9:22 PM  

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