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Friday, July 20, 2007

A passenger suffering cerebral palsy denied boarding by Air Sahara & SpiceJet.

Feel pity...ought to be.

Why an airline would do such a thing?

Guy is paying money? Yes. It increases load factor of airline? Yes. Then why?

I will tell you why?

I was there in Chennai when this incident happened. I am an airline staffer and I saw it all. To cut the story short, I will tell you what happened. When this guy was refused boarding because Sahara guys couldn't understand head-n-tail of what he was saying. HE STARTED ROLLING OVER FLOOR. Yes, "rolling over floor", just like a kid, who was just denied a lolly pop.

Suppose, if you, yourself has denied boarding by an airline, for what-so-ever excuse, would you starting rolling over floor? Imagine yourself rolling over floor. Do you think an adult guy rolling over floor qualifies, entering into a civilized social place (forget about aircraft, which requires much controlled discipline while flying). Would you allow such a guy enter your house.

It generates pity, that a handicapped person, denied boarding, just because he is handicap. Believe in an entire day we handle 2-3 wheelchair passenger almost every flight.


The big hyppocracy on part of Media and NGOs is that they only feel pity for handicaped people in airlines, and not in railways where almost 364 times more passengers travel daily than the numbers of pax travel with all domestic airlines annually in airlines.


Fact from an Eye-Witness – Courtesy – Mr. Murli Krishna (fellow blogger)

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posted by Shruti at 1:38 AM


i cant imagine that situation. its horrible :(

3:10 PM  

Oh my -- that's a pretty horrid situation to be in...

8:53 PM  

well ...I didnt get clarity why he was denied ????...there could be some reason...a valid one!!!!
I guess you wrote this post in frustration and anger...as you kept repeating "rolling over"...but should have given the full details.

But sorry to hear whatever I could summarize out of this.

1:59 PM  

it is so true that handicaps get special attention in Airlines.I have no offense against them but these days healthy people have started taking advantage of this humanitarian attitude of Airlines.I would not go into details about what I saw once or what I know but it makes me feel very awkward to even think about those incidents.

3:29 PM  

What the airline personnel could have done was to call their in-house or airport doctor (they have this, don't they?) to minister to the cerebral palsy guy. And maybe when things have settled down.. find a personnel to escort him for the whole flight (like they do with children flying alone) if it's alright to do so. They could also get his id and find a number to call to inform close kin or friend of what's happening. Maybe they can fetch him and bring him home. This incident could be handled calmly and with compassion. He's a human being just inflicted with a disease.. and it's not even contagious. Has compassion flown away to the skies with the planes??

6:14 PM  

Yeah you are very right in saying, the same thing needs to be brought to right in the railways also but that does not leave the airlines to repeat the same mistake. The airlines can keep their own attendants and charge for the services from the passengers, if required by them.

8:55 PM  

Why did the Airlines not bring in their doctor to see what was going on? No sane adult would roll in the floor when denied something. So it is fairly obvious that something else was at play.

Did you hear about the TB victim who flew to Europe to get married? If he can fly with a contagious disease, so can a man afflicted with cerebral palsy!


7:44 AM  

ha ha..wow ..yeah kahan se mara madam..so hz life..kya chal raha hai..hz ur boyfriends?

8:49 AM  

My desires of good luck Mrs. Pratibha Patil to govern the great Indina Nation.
Good luck

2:37 PM  

lol! i never knew bout that!

peace & love

12:09 AM  

hmmmm not a good situation !!!

7:35 AM  

Good digging, Shruti.

11:07 AM  

well.... certainly teh man cudn't be allowed to board teh aircraft.. such patients need an attendant during travelling.. adn an airlines is not supposed to provide dat..d en how do they expect that they'd be allowed to travel just like that??
it's ridiculous!!

4:41 AM  

i somehow find it sad that people are trying to condone and even justify the behaviour of those sahara guys. we are becoming more and more exclusive, while civilization in its true sense ought to become inclusive.

it is not so much about pity as about self respect. this post is depressing.

9:37 PM  

hello dear !
this is something strange .......was that person alone??? what about his family?? how could they leave him alone????

want to chat with u..if yes then my id on my profile :)

Take care

3:12 AM  

cant wait to see mumbai... counting the days...

3:16 AM  

I don't understand a bit, what was the problem.If handicapped persons are not allowed to board the flight alone, it should be made clear during the booking.

4:11 AM  

its sad and surprising to know that things like that still happens in some part of the world. It is unheard of here in the States.

7:18 AM  

the staff must have been under trained to handle this particular situation and like every one else must had no clue about what was going on.
Same question- why was this person traveling alone?

9:22 AM  

you said that in the last line..
they need to be sold!
that is the reason they make news outa small issues!

10:14 AM  

These kinds of practices are actually pretty common. Air Asia is coming under fire because they won't allow people in wheelchairs or pregnant women on board the planes.

They probably are just xenophobic to the extreme.

1:02 PM  

I truly buy ur point... media show only things they want to show. BTW I was wondering why u write mostly abt Airlines.. I got the answer today frm ur post.

5:48 PM  

That was a very inconsiderate and inhumane act on their part .. and bad reputation for them also

8:55 PM  

yeh the situation is really bad..

8:57 PM  

this is one of the horrible incidents i had read .... it just goes on to show the in-equality as well as the hypocricy that surrounds us .....

btw ... u r a bird ... flying high


9:44 PM  

hello shruti,

that's so nice of you..
i know you..,i mean u dont need to introduce urself again..:)

and madam ji.. :D hehehe..
I wont change.. thats a promise.. :D
ha hahaha.. promise to myself.. :P

4:56 AM  

I heard this incedent before, but came to know the reality from your post. Cant imagine the situation, and I do feel that airline was correct in their decision.

6:10 AM  

These activists and news channels provide a one sided picture always, they will complain about issues only to look good in the eyes of the media or to earn bucks.

The handicap people know that the media will lap their story up like anything, and so they take it as a license to misbehave.

Fuck, this guy should have been thrown off the plane without his wheelchair.



8:39 AM  

I somehow feel that you story is also half-baked as the media. I know that almost all airlines premises are monitored by CCTV. I will only believe the recordings to see for myself before taking any side. No matter what, we don't have right to call people idiots without actually knowing the precise reason for their strange behavior.

I wish both you and the passenger "Get Well Soon".

9:24 AM  

really sad scene to be in :(...but wud hv appreciated sum more details over why he was refused

10:03 AM  

sorry to hear that...cant imaging that situation.... :(

5:51 PM  

how r u long time no talk!!!!!!!!!!

11:39 PM  

Hey Bird, how are you....
I am good, and regarding oracle...
As per your request its been updated.........
So how is your flying going on.
You must be enjoying those moments in air.

Take Care

Smiles :)

Hey, do your work with always having smile on your face..thts the best of all virtues....

12:41 AM  


It is the airlines discretion. Just because he was handicapped, it made headlines. My father, though he had two attendants in the form of my mother and sister, and doctors certificate were denied boarding jet flight at the last minute after the security clearance. We would be more concerned about his health and wouldnt want to put him into situations that would strain him.

that very day, he took the IA flight after two hours and walked from Terimal 1a to 1b and reached Bangalore safely.

yes, At that moment, we did think of suing the airways, but it is their plane. They were not prepared to handle emergency.

But yes, these days airlines have become finicky.

4:08 AM  

hi so have u gt ur Project completed madam..kya chal raha hai..sab thik thak..take care.

6:17 AM  

hey birdie,

the situation luks bad, it indeed is..but if any of those airlines employee who have been a part of making policies etc were to read this, they'll have their own set of reasons to justify..and me pretty sure birdie that'll u be forced to edit ur post..

world luks so incorrect to us, to me atleast..but every sector is still propering...
we have to cast off those miserable glance and have a clearer view..we'll feel better...

nice post otherwise...shall come to

9:52 AM  

hmm..a quite unfortunate incident.

5:36 AM  

Hi Dear..

Your blog seems to have got quite popular.. way to go.. Keep on blogging

6:44 AM  

Shruti, I know such stories.Sheesh man.... people come late and then weep

“Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius-and a lot of courage-to move in the opposite direction.”

6:26 PM  

Hey sweety.. thnx for leaving message.
Actually m away on my holidays ..and dont have net accessibility much.
Will catch up with you soon.
Keep writting ur piece. :)
God bless

4:23 AM  

Very Well Said. I did not believe the media side of the story right from the beginning.. these jokers have made themselves into judge's, and run a court room on tv sets.

Had written on this subject some time ago, read here.

7:58 AM  

Hi Shruti, thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely wishes :-)

You have a nice blog here. Just read a couple of your posts and think we share the love for flying, but at the same time I fear flying too - everytime I step on a plane, I say a little prayer ;-)

whenever I visit India, I visit a lot of my friends and relatives and have flown quite a few domestic airlines for that and have found them all pretty good service wise.

I havent heard about this particular incident, but, if the airline has denied a person board a plane then they would have had a very good reason, if we look beyond the handicap scenario, even if a able adult is considered a risk to other passengers, then I think the airline wouldn't let them board either.

4:24 PM  

:( Thats really a horrible situation!!!

10:34 PM  

Oh my... It was so.. embarassing... rolling over the floor? Sigh... man...

8:45 AM  


I can't believe it...

2:25 PM  

Really funny thing you observed....how a adult play like a child for a silly thing. thanks for sharing

11:46 PM  

Really embarrasing! :O

Bytheway Shruti is missing! :)

11:45 AM  

the airline should have clarified like you did.

you are rt. media walo ko to apan channel/akhbar bechne ke padi hai

9:22 PM  

Whats new...? Long time

6:24 PM  

but being in the service indutry , i can imagine the huge amount of contact You have with so MAny types of people

Kudos to you again!!

9:57 AM  

Hi Shruti,
A big thanks to you for posting my request here and help me getting my survey complete.
I also thanks to all your frens who filled that survey form.


3:14 AM  

there is no point critisising a particular instance ....it is just part of a bigger problem .... over a period of time we have grown to be insensitive to public and social issues ....be it keeping a public park clean or implementing procedures to help the handicapped .... it is time to stop cribbing and start acting ... atleast in our own domains .......

9:21 PM  

A real sad state of affairs Shruthi!

thanks for dropping by!


2:30 AM  

why did they refuse to board him? kinda strange thing..one he was rolling over the floor then ur anxiety... :-(
BTW, thanks for dropping by :)

7:59 AM  

thanks birdie
normally i wud have taken their side
now i understand urs too
and what the airline did was right
no amount of media bashing can erase that
thanks again

7:05 AM  

it is indeed a strange situation,but i hope each situation is seen objectively,there are exceptions you stated

7:35 AM  

Wait a minute. Could you confirm whether he had cerebral palsy or not? If yes, its a disease of the mind and you really can't judge him for "rolling on the floor".

In that case, we would be saying that everyone with mental illness should be outcast from normal means of transportation - which flying is today!

10:55 PM  

The hype that the media generates is amazing.. but seriously.. the man was rolling on the floor.. thats ridiculous.. no way he would come anywhere close to being a civilised.. fit enough to fly an airline

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