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Monday, August 14, 2006

Flight connection to Smaller Towns

Talk of going to my home town, Varanasi, and I get a jitters. No, the overcrowded bazaars, temples, cows, monkeys on the streets are not any deterrent. But the fact of how to quickly reach at a short notice is more of a problem. Even though Varanasi attracts thousands of foreign tourists each year, there is no decent air connection. Most of the travelers are seen reaching by inconvenient train connections, cabs etc.

Why foreigners, even people like me who belong to Varanasi but work in different cities travel to their hometown is troublesome. Yes Indian Airlines does fly, but you just can’t plan a quick trip home at an outrageous cost. Since there is no competition in this area, IA charges exorbitant rates which are not affordable. Varanasi is not the only place, my friends from Raipur, Jabalpur, and Allahabad (& other small towns) complain of the same problem.

Even limited flights over a week can be an answer to woes of small town travelers by the thrift airlines. Adding convenience to travel may see a boost to tourism as well. These small towns have innumerous traditions, monuments and archeological wonders to boast of.

Till then..Sorry Mom – I will book my tickets home by train when I get availability.

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