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Monday, September 17, 2007

Missing you all....

Dear Friends,

Sincere apologies for not been able to keep in touch with you all for a long time now. Just came back to say Hi to all my friends.

Off late, been very busy with my work and personal engagements, guys……….don’t get ideas not settling down with someone, ( u see abhi meri umar hi kya hai J).

But needless to say I miss you all a lot, don’t know why but kind of having a guilt feeling for staying away from blogging for soooooo long first time ever.

Will be back soon to be with you all, till then stay good and have lots and lots of fun.

By the way its Ganesha Festival going on, so I take this opportunity to wish you all a good time in your life ahead. May Ganesha bring lot of prosperity and love in our lives.

God Bless & Love you all.


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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Flying Without Wings

'Generating new species: flying without wings' is the most heard jingle now a days. Aviation industry is booming. Colleges for Hospitality Management are growing like Mushroom. But, what about another bird of same species, which are rarely found in the Sky.

Yes, I am talking about Pilots.

We have shortage of them and now govt is regulating norms, according to which the rest time for pilots have to be increased matching the standard norm of World.

Quoting "Pilot fatigue can be a killer - some of the worst air crashes have taken place on account of it".

But aviation industry resist to it on account of two factors: one, it will have to recruit more pilots, which means increased expenditure. Secondly, there is a dearth of experienced commanders in the market.

Again airlines are planning to buy more aircrafts which means they need more pilots and the service hour of them will also increase as demand of pilots is much them its supply.

Just wondering, Govt is taking lot more stress on making rules regarding the services of airlines and giving licenses to many new players. But where is he going to put them all. Land congestion and air traffic is increasing. All the aircrafts have to wait at least for half an hour before take-off and landing.

Why Govt is not thinking about that, instead of giving entry to new player why it is not making the existing one getting better.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

A passenger suffering cerebral palsy denied boarding by Air Sahara & SpiceJet.

Feel pity...ought to be.

Why an airline would do such a thing?

Guy is paying money? Yes. It increases load factor of airline? Yes. Then why?

I will tell you why?

I was there in Chennai when this incident happened. I am an airline staffer and I saw it all. To cut the story short, I will tell you what happened. When this guy was refused boarding because Sahara guys couldn't understand head-n-tail of what he was saying. HE STARTED ROLLING OVER FLOOR. Yes, "rolling over floor", just like a kid, who was just denied a lolly pop.

Suppose, if you, yourself has denied boarding by an airline, for what-so-ever excuse, would you starting rolling over floor? Imagine yourself rolling over floor. Do you think an adult guy rolling over floor qualifies, entering into a civilized social place (forget about aircraft, which requires much controlled discipline while flying). Would you allow such a guy enter your house.

It generates pity, that a handicapped person, denied boarding, just because he is handicap. Believe in an entire day we handle 2-3 wheelchair passenger almost every flight.


The big hyppocracy on part of Media and NGOs is that they only feel pity for handicaped people in airlines, and not in railways where almost 364 times more passengers travel daily than the numbers of pax travel with all domestic airlines annually in airlines.


Fact from an Eye-Witness – Courtesy – Mr. Murli Krishna (fellow blogger)

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Help needed...

Dear Friends,

Please read the comment appended below. I got this yesterday from Mona. She needs a help from all of us to complete her Survey.

Let's help her.



Hey, you really got a nice nest here of your own, quite informative & ......different.

Came to know about your blog from Vikas blog where he has mentioned your love for Airlines and that's what made me request for a favour.

I'm doing a survey on Airlines as part of my project.

I would be very greatful if you could help me to reach many.

I am enclosing here the link, it just take not even five minutes to fill.


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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Acquisition SpiceJet - Curiosity kills the Cat

There has been lot of rumors & Median speculation that Spicejet is going to market for funds.

Though we have all read in News Papers and even today in Economic Times that nothing is happening and they are well funded to move ahead & even planning to go international in 2008.

My Concern, Rumors might or might not be good for this industry but its certainly not good for the employees working there.

This matter is so serious that Ajay Singh and Capt. Gopination has written mail to their respective forces to stay focused and not get perturbed by this rumors.

So my friends, who all are working at SpiceJet stay glued to your organization, you guys are in safe hands.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

My Love for Airlines.....

Dear Friends,

First thing First, Once again I would like to thank you all from bottom of my heart, but by way why this phrase “bottom of my heart”, OK I do it whole heartedly. Now sounds better,for supporting & accepting me.

Well, This blog is to share few things.

As a kiddo I dreamt of being a pilot, then reality struck hard and changed my priorities to Air Hostess, but then that was not my destiny again.

I was good academically but not beautically, reason given for not selecting that they have to double the size of aisle, for me to walk through. Ha ha ha, just kidding, hey guys me not that fatso

Yes, I really love talking about Airlines, reason my passion for it & nothing else. I feel this is one place I have of my own where in I can share what is happening in this industry and may be few of us can get some benefit out if it…………….

Also, if you guys got something interesting to share about Airlines, I will be happy to post on my blog too.

So, wait till the time you get a next update from time.

Love shruti.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

What we all anticipated has come true, Air Deccan has increased their price tag by Rs. 500/-. Hope this increase will give all the commuters something better to look forward from them.

I totally agree with you guys their service level has gone down and going further down day by day.

Just a Thought, does these guys have some SLA’s ( Service Level Agreement ) or not. I’m sure being such a large organization they must have & If they have who is monitoring them or verifying it.

On the contrary i have one more news to share, most of the these domestic airlines are following the foot steps of Jet & IA as far as flying international is concerned. To me its seems to be a good sign for them & US.

Fly Abroad means:
More Income –More Expansion
More Expansion – Better Services


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